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User Review

An excellent Marshall - Reviews Marshall JVM210H

All-tube amp 100 W: + 5xECC83 4EL34

On / off switch, standby switch.
2 channels: clean / crunch, overdrive with 3 modes per channel (green, orange, red), 6 sounds.
Two masters.
2 reverb, each one for each channel.
Presence and resonance.
EQ (bass, middle, treble) + gain for each channel.
Buttons to change channels, reverb, master, effects loop and footswitch / midi program programming.

Baffle output: 1x4, 1x8, 2x8 and 1x16 ohm, 2x16 ohm
Effects loop in series / parallel fx level and mix (dry, wet).
Passive loop connected in series just before the master commands.
Emulated line out.
Footswitch input.
Taking MIDI in / MIDI thru.

Comes with a footswitch Marshall MR-PEDL00045, 4 ways and fully programmable for a speaker cable and user manual.


The manual is very clear and the config is childish.
For her, it is a 100W, so obviously, have to push a little. But I also use it in an apartment and you can get good sound thanks to master very sensitive.


In the channel clean / crunch:
a round and warm clean sound (surprising at Marshall) in green mode.
Note that green mode, the volume knob of the channel is disabled.
The orange mode for heavy blues, red crunch mode for longer supported, enough hard-rock.

In the Overdrive channel:
green mode is for sound style ACDC.
The mode will be orange instead for a punk-rock heavy metal sounds.
The fashion red adds the high gain but not a typical metal sound.

These directions will appear on the front of the amp and the pedal

All these channels are switchable via fashion and programmable pedal.
More. The memory remains in the pedal, which I play on another user JVM, I bring my pedals, I keep my arm and presets.


The only downside is a fairly average but my reverb reverb hardwire is that the bonheur.J 'also emphasizes the quality of clean which was however not the highlight of Marshall. I've had a year and I would do this choice with his eyes closed.