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User Review

Fantastic!! - Reviews Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Edition

4 channels
3 modes per channel
Super super punchy dynamic
4 noise gates, one for each Stock channel
2 Master Volumes
Simplified FX loop
Clean channel based on 6100
"AFD" circuit
Resonance and presence retuned to Satriani specs


Very easy to use even 12 sounds possible.


Then it's huge! Those who love the jvm will be filled by edition Js, basically it is a jvm modded factory.
The clean channel is amazing for the marshall.
The crunch channel can also serve as a jmp to JCM800 on doped! This channel is a marvel! The slight crunch to lead greasy!
Both channels OD1 and 2 are still a little near them the same as the current jvm but with less gain, and so much better I think there was too much to be usable, too "mushy draft marshall" !
There are pert gain but gain in expressiveness.
Another strong point, noise gate, super easy to use super suitable and perfect for large distos.


I have since early August, I had a few amps and all the models on the market for 10 years for registering, I got sick and I went on a lamp versatile amp, marshall is seen that very airy with very little compression sensations involved are enormous.
Satriani was not fucking marshall for his help in developing the product.
The crunch channel is my favorite porn but I like the large distortion but it has so much gain and dynamic that it is a regal played all the nuances of the game are transcribed ...
After it is obviously versatile marshall sounds so if you love or other Engl ... :)

I do not regret my purchase and do it again 100 times this choice!