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User Review

Simply the best - Reviews Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
There is nothing I can say to render the true beauty, excellence, sweetness, power, subtlety, tonal richness, punch and everything else of this amp.
First impression: it is built like a tank, has as much knobs as a Boieng 777 (actually, it has probably more knobs than a 787...)
First trial: I hooked it to the Alnico blue in my AC15 (because that was the only speaker I had handy) and it was like I just made a sonic quantum leap. I was just scarred to blow the speaker, SO I ordered the legendary EV12L, for which I built a custom closed cab, and then
Second trial: Hallelujah, Hare Hare, Nirvana Walhalla, and all that sort of things!

Whatever your style, whatever you play, with whatever axe you have in store (I tried the following, in no particular order: ES335, LP, PRS HB II, PRS Santana II, PRS 513, Dupont, Strat, Tele, Preacher, Breadwinner, Muscato Legend), there is NO WAY you cannot find the just right sweet spot that translate into the sound you hear in your head! There are just too many channels, too many options, with all the right technological bells and whistle to ensure the perfect tone. the signal path is pristine, and one can adjust absolutely everything to accommodate any rig.

Of course, it comes at a price . The MkV is expensive.
and: the MkV will takes times to understand the various options, tweak it properly, etc. But once it is done, it is THE guitaristic bliss.