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My perfect companion studio! - Reviews Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head

Reader (very long!) AF and scratch to even further, I finally passes no account creation and writing my first review that I hope you will! I chose to start with the head because it is the stuff that has me most recently ... but others will follow!

Well, on this topic I started rather weakly lazy ... everything has been said in previous reviews!


Guitarist for 25 years, I have seen spend gear and I have a little practice level control EQ! ... So no worries settings, I quickly pulled the sound I wanted this little monster, and the four modes!
Once it has integrated interactions knobs and we know how to fiddle with the knobs of the EQ (sources of great sound and very sensitive wealth) and especially the Gain / Low relationship is a child's play!

For those who have never had to deal with a Rectifier, take the time to master the thing, but it comes as we learn the bike, with patience!


So, I say clearly, simply just great on all points!
Sorry to say but if you are unable to get great sounds from the different channels / modes is that you do not know the address (which is valid for other members of his family also .. .)

I use it mainly in the studio and is a killer ... coupled with a Marshall 1960A or a 2x12 Rectifier is perfect. I have personally tested the Recto 1x12 cabinet but used the speakers with more body, I chose to live my biggest speakers. But to save it goes very well and is very well built (like head whose finish and choice of materials is impeccable).

The ability to switch on each channel and 10W/25W to saturate the EL84 offers new opportunities on a Front with a modified sound color. The Modern mode 10W, with gain 7 and 6-7 Master bringing a little saturation power tubes, for example, allows access to a distortion, full, fat but clearly different from that which is obtained by 25W sound classic Rectifier. But beware, it is necessary to push the beast (especially 10W on channel 2) to enjoy. I take this opportunity to confirm some opinions: it is not at all an apartment amp! It is made to be pushed and this is a portable sudio / snooze / scene and not for a room! Do not let yourself be fooled by its size and if you want to buy to send in your graouh peeping at 22h, go your way ...
Very quiet, no background noise (there is also a lot quieter "at rest" my Roadster) except of course, on channel 2, there is a nice breath ... but it is a High Gain amp, not the perfect tool Jazzman! A small noise gate in the loop and it's all good.

Its great versatility is a huge asset, and even better, it does everything very well. The clean is great, far from the first Dual, like crunches. As I said, it's all about settings and when we found the "sweet spot" of each mode, it is orgasmic.


I acquired upon its release in October 2011 and has (and have owned) a bunch of amps from the JCM800, the Invader, the Krankenstien, through the Roadster .... all beautiful gear war, but the mini heads democratizing I walked in, power / size ratio appealing to me more and more. I have not hurt at the moment (and yeah, I know, I'm a little collector, my wife often told me ....), two Orange (Dark Terror and TH30), a Krankenstein Jr and Blackstar HT-20.

Clearly, the Front I prefer although they are all good. It is more expensive but if it returns the number of sound possibilities that it offers, there is no competitor among my lunchbox, and the price is justified directly.

Its sound quality and workmanship stands out and his presence in the studio is such that I do not use other than for taking very specific sounds.