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User Review

resulat knaki mini max - Reviews Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head

tube amp: 2xEL84 for 5x12ax7 power for the preamp, transistor RECTIFER no 5U4 for this model for a correct is still nerd ... it is like a pizza without ham queen, P
2 channels + 4 modes: one with clean switch Clean / Crunch, 1 drive with switch Vintage / Modern
1 switch 10/25 Watt per channel can switch the drive in 10/25 and like to clean, in an apartment that is serious
3 adjustable band (treble, middle, bass) + presence on each channel
Effects loop on the back and not the front
No Reverb ... considering the price of the machine is still a little loose


Used with a Musicman Axis, Ibanez RG ESP KH, with the firm that is well: the mini recto 1x12 Celestion V30 with cutaway history to put more bodies I add a TS9 and a TS808 with the pedal Reverb Hardwire if it's flat ass like Jennifer Lopez to 8 years


The clean lack of presence is transparent it looks like a clean limit transistor pushing on the presence seem to get something but it's not what I like the most, what blah ... it's not worth the clean a Fender on the other hand it is not for the clean as I took
The crunch is not bad, I prefer the crunch of a Vox or Tweed which is a natural extension of the clean, then there is the body, but it lacks the grain may be too comes in for some it may lack subtlety on the other hand when you have mounted the switch on the clean channel gain, shame ... Attention can not switch to foot clean / crunch, it's either one or the other
The drive in vintage mmmmmh bah I do not know what they wanted to do on this one is not at all vintage if sen-known like a Plexi or MARK I. .. is ultra missed ... unless they are fans of his boxy low-volume compressed in one word ... YUCK
The drive in modern, oh yes there ok we agree, this is purely pleasurable, dynamic sick, it's own right, slice it super well, we immediately recognize the grain and expertise home, there are many big rock sound of the 90s ... on the other hand is not as clear as the 112 Roadster is more open and airy there was still the compression had not dreamed it is well on the Mini and not the big brother who is around more than 900 € in new


For me there is the modern drive channel that is worth visiting ...
to € 1,190 + € 510 head body = "€ 1,700", while the Roadster is 112 to 1900 € Used with 4 independent channels controllable at the foot of 50 Watt, Reverb, 5U4 ... then tip saved your money (€ 200 more) to take the true secondhand, because in the end the price was a good result with MINI printing a maximum Knacki ... then yes it is true that the Roadster is heavy etc ... the Mini is portable ... short, it is not intended to Julien Doré ass or cock Christophe Willem ... those who forget their arms turn you tap it will be lighter
Amp sold without regret I went on the MARK V Combo for ... fans of Metallica, Dream Theater is more there ...