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Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

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report excellent price / quality

By sumo37, 22/08/2012
Everything has already been said, look on the peavey site

except for a gain knob on the clean channel and a switch for the reverb, there is nothing missing in my opinion.


Archi simple, Eq responds quite well.

For sound, should spend some time on the set.


My punk rock hardcore trend, it does squarely against the sound sends too at low frequencies for my taste (especially palm mute).

The clean is very nice and straight, I just wish that there was no gain knob on that channel to do saturate slightly, I'm not too fond of his own.

For channel saturated, it is far from a Marshall JCM, a 5150 or Orange, but at this price, it really sends the block. Used alone palm mute, it sends too much bass, but the bass side, this problem is no longer heard.

I found him a pretty good dynamic with ValveKing 4x12 cabinet (although I admit it does not measure up to her big sisters).

I am also served in my punk / rock less bad, it took I drop the gain to less than half for it to pass.

It is quite suitable for rehearsals and stage, even though I am more a fan of Marshall JCM900, but I love the sound of the guitar peavey.


Used for about 6 months, we are all very happy in the group (and in our environment), it goes perfectly with a sound of my bass (I made ampeg 3PRO saturate).

Even if I could blame him for the lack of gain knob on the clean and sound a bit cold (especially compared to Orange), this is a killer amp for a very low price (about 450 € the head + 4x12 cabinet) It will delight those who want to pay their first stack.

Perfect for classic rock all the way up to metal

By jkessel, 01/05/2012
My very first tube amp and a great one to start with. 100 watts, all tube. 4x6L6 power tubes, 2 channels, hi and low gain inputs, and texture control knob on the back. Basic controls, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Presence, a boost switch for the lead channel and a bright switch for the clean channel.


My biggest complain was the effects loop was on the front. I don't know whose idea that was but I've never heard a compliment about the amp for that. Any rack gear would need to be plugged in the back, since it's in the front you have to run it past all the other rack gear and over the amp head to be plugged in the front. Kind of a hassle and looks messy. Other than that it is a good design and very easy to understand.


I used to be a huge MetallicA freak so I bought this trying to get close to their tone. Originally I was wanting a Mesa Mark III but this really caught my attention. By itself it pulls off great classic rock and some early tones like Maiden, Scorpions, Rhoads, even some early MetallicA. But with a boost this thing really goes wild. Makes this thing very versatile. Blues crunch all the way to metal brutals. The gain is a bit fizzier than say a 6505 but is still no where near the fizziness of a dual rectifier at low volumes. It's a great amp that can pull off many tones.


I have since sold it but it was a great amp to start on, really taught me about tubes and I had a lot of fun playing with this amp. Had some really great tones but sadly none of them were beyond exceptional. I wanted something that blew me away with at least one thing instead of multiple good things.

Great budget head

By King Loudness, 24/10/2011
The Peavey Valveking 100 is a head that was designed by the company to offer a versatile and great sounding all tube head at a price that won't break the bank. It features two channels, clean and drive. There are fairly standard gain, volume and EQ controls here, as well as some voicing switches to do things like add brightness or change the gain structure. It has a set of master presence and resonance controls for final tone shaping and there is an onboard reverb and an effects loop too.


Getting a good tone out of this amp is fairly simple. Peavey uses a fairly classic interface that bridges the gap between British and American styles. I particularly like the strong midrange character that brings out awesome harmonics and overtones, especially on the drive channel. It has a good and useful EQ section for each channel that is quite responsive and works very well. It is a very smooth sounding amp that works well with many guitars and in many musical contexts.


I've tried this amp with various guitars and can safely say it's equally at home with single coils or humbuckers. The clean channel has a nice Fenderish vibe that gets some added shimmer when the bright switch is engaged. It works well for everything from jazz to RnB styles without issue. The drive channel is a definite gem. It's extremely smooth and defined, with a brilliant singing midrange that just coaxes earthy sustain from the guitar. It works very well for classic or hard rock styles especially if you're primarily a lead player. It doesn't quite have the grunt or tightness for modern metal I find, but you can get some cool classic thrash metal tones here if that's your thing...


All in all I think the Peavey VK100 is a great and versatilevall tube head for the player who requires some great smooth tones and a strong midrange character. At about $550 new these amps are a pretty sweet deal, especially when paired with a good cab and speakers. Definitely worth a look for sure... Peavey gear as a general rule has been outstanding in my experience.

ValveKing head and box volume

By Gillesdu09maz, 13/06/2011
Tube amp 100W 2 channels with 2 modes per channel reverb and effects loop


simple setup, its easy to get


its versatile clear crystal-clear in metal!
I play mostly metal modern Scandinavian-style for the channel uses the bright clear day engaged with adjustable sharp as a medium 7 has a low 3 and 8 is the reverb on channel 2 for the full, a sharp medium 4 to 5 and a low 7 with respect to the volume I put the two channels at 4 for I use a volume box inserted in the effects loop which allows me to have the big sound without messing up my ears and I think C is the characteristic of this amp, it has long been criticized for its lack of energy but with a volume box ratrappe it all! j on the cabinet using a Harley Benton G412A (its vintage) with respect to the guitar ESP LTD J have a rise in EMG 81 and 85 and an increase in EMG HZH4 jackson and I can tell you it sends serious!
In lamps have always 6L6 j d j origin and I changed the preamp lamps in position V1 and V2 there are 12ax7LPS V3 and a 12ax7WA c is for me the best config for a very big sound! one last tip for those who want a well dug Mesa style or whatever, just put a graphic equalizer in the effects loop and voila, no I have effect level that a delay and a chorus that I use rarely


I possess 4 years and the question is value for money c top! with what is currently on the market today that I think I would take a Bugera 333XL but I am very happy with the Peavey
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  • Manufacturer:Peavey
  • Model:ValveKing 100 Head
  • Series:ValveKing
  • Category:Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 02/10/2006

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