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User Review

MetalUp's review - ENGL E430 Tube Toner

Preamp pedal any form of lamp. Rugged.
Connectivity really complete: line, offset, headphone, small amplifier 2x1, 5w.
The big plus: a MIDI controller that allows a multi purpose or any other device noon!
As a result, two sounds can be assigned to each channel, making a total of 4x2 = 8 possible assignments.
4 channels very comprehensive covering a wide pallet of sounds ...


Very easy to use. Plugged into a power amp of the same brand. You turn the knob the sound on.
The manual is on the net, some amber, but enough to master the beast.


People come. The sound ... Sorry ... SOUND!
The beast is really versatile. The clean is engaged with the bright crystalline and precise. The crunch and soft lead are very nice, the level of distortion is gradual and distinct between the two.
The heavy lead ... I bought it for her ^ ^
For the record: I bought it from a member of OCCAZ The lamps were sold to me with the TAD were Highgrade. I found the sound too round, a little fat. In fact, the disto lacked too! Enough for my style!
I ordered from a tung Gillou ground and a electro harmonix. And! Miracle!
The sound is sharp and precise. The distortion is!
Now I'm raaaaavi!

I really recommend it for those who arrive in a dig up one. It's really a great machine.


I've had two weeks. I'm with a repeated. My set:

Epiphone Lespaul -> Tube Toner -> behringer 15 band Equalizer -> ENGL 2x20W -> 2x12 V30.
I am a long-awaited ... One that hurt the bottom ^ ^ He that opens the ear of the great father of a side ... Whoever do pogoter the crowd!

Discoverable between 350 and 400 €. At that price, it's a case if it has been well maintained!

EDIT: Finally, I use channel 3 instead of 4. It is less overwhelming, more dynamic.
Its real crazy this Preamp. And models, I plug in my Firepod outputs offset by, the sound is very good.
EDIT 2: It is now three years since I have, and he saw the green and not ripe! I find it exceptional as always. ENGL really is the sound in pedal, and the outputs / MIDI inputs are a really big plus. Its allows me to control my multi (Rocktron Intelliflex) while changing the sound.
It is really rare, and I'm not about to let go!