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User Review

Torn it !!!!!!! - Reviews ENGL E430 Tube Toner

Tube preamp
commectiques comprehensive
switchable to 1.5 Watt to play cushy home


no more simple you plug you play
the sound is clear progressive and heavy crunch distortion


I find her very hot round, but a preamp distortion-oriented Rock Death Metal but can be as versatile depending on the setting that is assigned
I play the big rock, I admit there are a few years I sold mine for financial worries ... Well I soon regretted and I set out to find another ...
A preamp is very difficult to find since most manufactured see too often now, robustness and reliability and lightness German arfff that good!!
It's a practice since preamp easily movable, foot switch, the sound is quickly found and SON! frankly a pure enjoyment of the Lead channel madness apart everything in its path, I played with my other one had JMP1 scratch in my group when I tried it for the first time he could not believe it
Me that serious for me and I will not soon let go


I tried a lot of piranha JMP1 preamp, ADA, tubefex and I put it on the podium with tubefex still for ITS
I put my 9 / 10, I would have liked an Equal for each sound good but I chipotte some as much as you can assign a multi-effects rack so the beast has a MIDI output;
I have added an equation behind a Boss GE-7 and I can tell you that much hard droppings zen