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User Review

Hyde's review - ENGL E430 Tube Toner

All t adj said on this subject. The big advantage for me this pramp is that it is pdalier format (such as twin or msa tubeman hk). The 2 in 1 Flat me a lot (space saving). And we must say that visually and throws it seems indestructible.


The manual is in English and German, but frankly, no need to leave Saint-Cyr to use it. The config is very simple, it's plug and play. At least with the toner tube, no need to break the head to get his sound. That's why I changed my toner JMP1 with this tube. The marshall is a good pramp, but you have to devote some time to tweak its rglages as The Opportunities are many. But the time I do not have much. OF REPRESENTATIVES o intrt that for me the toner tube.


I quip mine in dd (803 and 83S) and is a branch in engl 820/35 Retube new in power and EHX Sovtek in pramp. I put a qualo-booster mxr 10 band in the loop.
Needless to say that this config is sweet folly: the Poweramp and pramp compltent to wonder. Sounds clear, magnified by the EHX Poweramp, trs ring round and not slam shut. As for the distorted sounds, then this is the ecstasy (the toner tube is made for that) as is standard. I am using the last few 3rd 4th channel as the adj a significant reserve of gain.
Just one complaint: it does not adj but there really is a Difference in volume level between the two channels clean and lead channels 2


It's dj few weeks I have my new config and I am engl bluff by the quality of these two products (quality in design, in robustness, in the sounds).
Finally, I was one of those and only assimillaient engl big sounds. Of course, engl excels in the big sounds, but not only. The crunch channel with the gain pushed back sounds really trs marshall (acdc particular). As for clean sounds, if only one good lamps, they are also beautiful trs.
I put 9 and not 10 because I still compare it with the mesa in order to be completely objective.