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User Review

Unquestionably high-end - Reviews ENGL E580 Midi Tube Preamp

All Tube Preamp Midi 2U rack. 256 Programs (2 banks of 128).
For each program or may choose between 4 modes (clean, crunch, soft lead, lead and heavy tones)
Set by Knob:
- Gain
- 4-band EQ (Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, Treble) that interfere on each other
- The level of external effects loop
- The volume of the preset
Accessible by push buttons:
- A Bass Boost
- A Bottom which boosts the midrange
- A Bright that boosts high frequencies
- An Ultra Bright who acted on high frequencies only cleans modes.
- 2 types of voicing (Modern / Classic)
- A recording Bass out that boosts the bass frequencies only on the output recording.
- A recording that out treble boosts the high frequencies only the output recording.
Finally, a general master controllable via MIDI control 7. Note that you can bypass the preamp Preamp defeat by the function (in fact it disables the 4 modes).
In front there is an LED display that recalls the preset number (program) button to navigate through programs and store. Each function has its LED that illuminates when activated, flashes or it is changed compared to the status of the current preset. Pots around a circular bar graph specifies the corresponding level.
Behind it is an auxiliary input in addition to the front, a stereo effects loop, recording output jack or XLR in adjustable Knob a triplet midi in / out / thru, a switch to select the midi channel, output PC remote RS232 (?!), a power supply for pedals, stereo output to power amp.
So many, many opportunities that make it impossible to casi-not find her. Note that you can find 40 very usable factory presets (10 per mode) are available to guide and show the possibilities of the craft. By opening the hood you realize it's damn good, well mounted. German quality. Note that even when the beast is its weight, 11kg I think. The brushed aluminum cover over the bottom red LED that throws a max preamp side look.


Overall the amp is very easy to use. We choose its mode (clean, crunch, soft lead, lead and heavy tones), the gain level, we made the necessary adjustments with the equalizer, correction frequencies (bass boost buttons, Botton Bright, voicing), we rule the level of the outer loop, it adjusts the volume preset and you're done.
What I have regretted. Some features are only accessible by simultaneous pressure on two buttons. It's not very practical but they are not the most frequently used functions. The brushed aluminum front panel, if it is super class, does not facilitate the reading of information that are screen printed in black. This is not legible at all and therefore not practical as it has not registered in his brain function / button on rowing if you're not in full light. The LEDs, they are particularly readable and thorough knowledge of the level of function. The function of a preset recording is simple (sustained pressure on a button) for cons, the copy function of a preset is confusing and I still after all this time to use me to plant. Finally, the master volume is the only function of the preamplifier that operates with a control change (7) turns out to be very workable use. The unit does not seem to handle correctly and quickly enough anyway these messages and / or misinterpreted. Sometimes if I press too quickly or too sharply to the expression pedal on my pedal, the amp just lost his pedals and I find myself without any sound (volume 0) instead of the maximum volume. It is much more serious and eventually I gave more volume management in multi-effects included in the loop. I also liked that the gain control is by control change but nyet. In the end so a preamp MIDI is used but not as good example that really ACCESS full noon they would replace, but I still kept.
We may also regret a display with 3 characters only. So display preset and nothing else. All that is about to be compared with the price of the beast and you realize that this next one is not particularly well served.
The doc is in English only as hell, full of tips and comments and is useful. The E580 also comes with a software for editing on a PC. It is unfortunate that the connection is facing an antiquated RS232 (parallel port) USB but not in the E580 is not a particularly recent device either. The app is pretty screwed up but the device is simple and ultimately I do not use it.
I meant a point on the amp / preamp ENGL. ENGL amps are 2 modes of volumes / Presence relay accessible and jack but the preamps themselves are devoid of this type of output and therefore can not control natively amp from the preamp. You will require additional pass through a box MIDI and then add Pépette. Not terrible for the purchasing power of consumers.
So ultimately if you can say I nitpick on certain points, I see me forced to crack down on other MIDI implementation and therefore deserves punishment (8 / 10).


There, the E580 will redo the cherry. First, given the number of functions, the possibilities of the device are huge. Therefore impossible to describe all the functions and the repercussions on the sound. It is also impossible not to get to sculpt the sound as desired and do so very quickly. Lethal Weapon is the 4-band EQ (presence is on the amp). I did not find this flexibility on other devices and if I was initially skeptical about the usefulness of the thing, I am ultimately conquered by the flexibility and precision that can be obtained. Here you can also push any parameter to bottom, it's still music. If we add the two voicing (Classic / Modern) is multiplied again by 2 possibilities. So there is not a style, a sound that the E580 will cover. At voicing my preference was largely moderm early on but over time I also learned to appreciate the Classic sounds particularly clear. The saturated, there is no photo of the Modern is far more usable and ... modern.
So the E580 excels in all registers. To complete the picture we must add the accuracy of its dynamics and extraordinary. Is clean, neat, precise, sharp and flawless. One word for that, PRO. In addition, it has its own personality, its grain. He does not try to copy this or that brand. At worst it could blame him for not being able to sound dirty, it's impossible, but for me it is a quality not a fault. Even at a very high saturation level (and gain, there are) the sound is never clear runny.
It must also be coupled this preamp with a multi-effects from the same cloth (in my case a G-Force) to really get the best. App power side I mack with E840 of the same brand and they come together.
A word on simulation. It's not the worst of all I would say what is pretty good. Everyone feels obliged to do that, it's a fad. Do not buy an E580 just for that.


This is undoubtedly a very good machine, very soft and super versatile. It begs the question what is best? I see it. Following is a question of taste compared to other brands especially when playing in the yard of the very old. I could compare it to other preamps tube (JMP1, Triax, family Rocktron voodu the valve and Phrophesy, HK V2 ACCESS, ADA MP2). To me, he did just that ACCESS to the heel.
Another question, Do we need also to all those sounds? It is clear today that most guitarists are content with 2 or 3 basic sounds and they choose a head on that basis. Because of that and rack systems have more wind in its sails. Anyone who wants the flexibility and versatility, however, keeps a rack.
Afterwards, there is also the new home price around 2400 euros, the price of a good head. Too expensive? It hurts to cognotte when we see the need to add more amps too upscale. It should not be disappointed when you put this money into a unit. Luckily my case. Since I got the E580, I no longer seek other stuff because I found the sound (sounds) and then, somewhere, I saved on various purchases / sales. So somewhere a good investment. In the end, I am very satisfied despite a few side remarks features MIDI. Quality has a price.