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User Review

doodb's review - ENGL E580 Midi Tube Preamp

Everything is already said
I put 10 because there is anything on this machine should see even more ...


The manual could not be easier, using the same: just turn the knobs to change its sound, and hop on backup / copy
Attention, however, find his sound can be time consuming because the knobs are very sensitive right MMEE


I play metal to blues through rock and hard rock. it provides in all these areas, with special mention for all that is very big sound!! and yet I put him in the ass one and a marshall 9200 100/100 1960a climbs vintage 30 (There's better!). for other records: the cleans are really great! mesa has its claque. the crunch are beautiful, and it can also fall into the osnorites marshaliennes a JCM800, JMP1 (I had).
-1 Because of my recording output does not support, but I do not care a bit because I do not have the utility so it's really no story to 10


In short the preamp is super full, incredibly versatile and highest quality. Of course you have to like the sound engl (very aggressive and sharp) I personally am a huge fan even though I love mesa.
musicality impressive if one takes the time to adjust its sound! this is six months that I have and frankly, although I was disappointed in the early days, now that I know use the beast I would not change for anything.
what I like most is the sound clear and large, ennorme, saturates its huge! welcome in the cave of extreme metal.
Edit January 02 2007:
in fact, after a lot of comparative testing with the boogie recto preamp, I perceive that the cleans are neither better nor worse, there are just darker on the boogie and slamming on the engl. for heat is quite similar (depending on the aqualo). However, for large + engl dynamic!
in terms of distorted sounds: they are less fat and less drooling bcp on the front and the gain is higher on the incredibly engl!
Here this is intended to edit nance can be a "slap" I gave the boogie ;-) (though I would put even when lol)
for the samples is:
(For the record the guy uses a recording output and a palmer pga05 evntide eclipse for effects. Reblanace all in his motu sound card)
edit May 2008
Today I play a mesa roadster. I love my amp now but I regret even when my E580!
if you find one of OCCAZ and you like big distos, definitely worth a try!
it appears in personal OCCAZ try to sell my Roadster pronto!
in fact I found that I had a sample of the E580: 2C341192% 2Cidtopic 2Cforum% 2Csample_maison_du_e580.html ( )