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User Review

It sounds, you can do it all! - Reviews ENGL E580 Midi Tube Preamp

Well, this info is largely detailed in other reviews ...

The only drawback, due to the age of Bouzin is the printer connection type .... I have an iMac ... it's a shame.


The configuration is more than simple. You turn the knobs to get the desired sound, you press the switches to see what it does (usually it's written on it ... hahaha).

We quickly see that it's because the knobs are real knobs. That is, when you move a control, it jumps to the ears!

The manual is relatively clear. Navigation between the factory presets and user presets is still a bit odd. These presets can give an idea of ​​how little the bike. But personally, I preferred to start from scratch and I make my sound according to my ears.


I play with a US Telecaster with a humbucker at the neck and a Line6 M13 (wired Pre / Post) while waiting for the € € € .... Because honestly, the Line6 does absolutely no justice to the sound of this preamp. It works well but the quality of what comes out of the preamp deserves a much better quality.
All this comes in a Poweramp Engl 840/50 and out of a 2x12 cab E212VH Engl.

Regarding the sounds, to give an idea, I play fusion hiphop with big metallic sounds, sounds funky flashy, especially the big warm sound and very detailed.

When I bought it, given the investment I had no effect at all. I'm me without some effect. Not even a reverb. No. I had absolutely no need ...
I rediscovered my guitar. I felt to have changed. Impressive. Just by tweaking the tone and volume on the guitar, I could create full of different sounds without effects. This preamp is incredibly inspiring. The discovery of each new sound makes you want to play with, to exploit it.

From everything I've tested is the only preamp / head with which I can get a huge sound distortion and clean sounds very fine, crystalline fat, dug, and all shades between crunch the two.

This is also where I do not regret the full noon. I use a lot of different sounds (twenty) and have access to all settings (EQ, Bottom, Bright, Ultra Bright) every sound is a comfort. No compromise sue the EQ between channels that share. No. I can create the sound I want to hear, without worrying about the others.

Watch your bass when you play as a group! This advice also applies to other amps. As sound engineer, I am often very bored with guitar sounds that are encroaching on the bass. Each role, you are guitarists, take your space but do not eat the other.
With this preamp, it is tempting to deal with many low rounds and very present because like everything else, they are very beautiful. Therein lies the trap. In residence with my group, I had to lower all my bass (sounds clear and distos) to keep the clarity in the mix ... It hurts the heart on the spot but it's essential when you're not playing alone.

A word about Section Poweramp + cabinet:
The E580 preamp goes perfectly with the 840/50 and the baffle Poweramp E212VH.
I tested it with a Peavey Poweramp ... pouark!
I tested with the same Poweramp a 4x12 Mesa Boogie ... mediums do not exist and invaded by bass.

In short, E580 + E212 + 840 / 50 VH = the perfect trio.
You may say it's normal, it's the same brand, they had to express. Yes, and they certainly were not wrong.

Obviously, given the sound quality, 10/10. It is necessary.


I use it for almost a year. I do not have to change for at least 10 years .... unless he died in my arms.
I tried lots of amps, preamps, head tube, transistor. This is the best solution I found.
It's expensive (although I do believe qu'Engl manufactures more), it is very expensive. (€ 2,500 nine when I bought used Audiofanzine hahaha ... thank you!)
But frankly, the price / quality ratio is interesting.
Say that you type at the top of the basket of stuff done in series. If you want more, go to machines made by hand, and leave them an arm and a half ...

Yeah its look. It is superficial but when I look at my rack set on a stage, well, every time I have an old beatific smile, with a little drool on the left side ...
The all chrome with all its red LEDs is frankly very class.

I remake that choice, despite my banker, my owner, world hunger and the polar bears disappearing. Too bad there are things we can not resist. This preamp is one of them.