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ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp

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Hello, I am the ultimate sound

By monsieur-iks, 22/11/2014
What type of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?

All-tube preamp (Engl what)

What is the power delivered?

This is a pre-amp so you have the formwork on an amp!
As to me, I plug in my ENGL E840 / 50 which is also a big killer (everyone wants to redeem myself!)

What connection?

There are a bunch of connectors on the rack!
1 input jack on the front AND the back (depending on desired configuration)
The Return Sends in the effect loop JACK well.
JACK AND 2 XLR outputs to send in an amp (also works directly on a channel strip but I prefer to send it into a real amp)
2 MIDI jacks for control pedal
2 JACK taken to the footswitch (must not be useful if you have a MIDI foot, which is my case)

What are the settings, effects? ...

4 channel preamp, but in fact many more!

1 Clean / Crunch 1/1 Lead / 1 Megalead of the death in your ass
There are so many opportunities that I would definitely have a MIDI pedal control (the Z12 among others)

here is the config of my stuff:

(GAIN clean) / (GAIN crunch) / (BASS) / (MED) / (clean trebble) / (trebble crunch)
(GAIN LEAD1) / (GAIN LEAD2) / (BASS) / (MED) / (trebble LEAD1) / (trebble LEAD2)

There are 4 different channels but the "modes" extra help other sound options:
channel 1 and 2
Gain Boost + = normal bright ultra bright

channel 3 and 4
Hi gain + Active Contour + mid edge

function applicable to 4 channels:
Modern-Classic MLP + + + fx loop active noise Gate + Write-copy


Is the configuration simple?

I always love a good tamper the stuff, I did not take long to get the sound I wanted, I just hang on functions "fx loop active" "Noise Gate" (adjustable on the back of preamp "and" write copy "
but once I found (in minutes) that's it!

Is the manual clear and sufficient? ...

I know I have not read ...

Gets it easy to sound good?

this is question is as silly as "You want to sleep with Jessica Nigri?"

It's super easy to have a good sound, its very ZE!
Custom I traded against an Orange TC30, I was afraid that by this exchange I end up with a big war machine and farewell versatility, NOT!
I have never had such beautiful clean!
the crunch is ultimate!
and distos ben: ENGL ... what else?


Will it fit your style of music?

TOTALLY! I make music hairy tattooed People feel beer and shampoo with apple (yes, the metalheads feel the beer!)
The zikos I play with for years threaten me with butter me if I separated the The cleans: are super clean (or disgusting if you push the GAIN)
The crunch: a real crunch! Almost believe my former Orange amp! (Weight less)
The Distos: Magic! sound phew! There are so GAIN I'm barely 1/3 and I have a big sound METAL !!
Additional options allow a truly wide selection of tones
In addition I couple with PowerAMP ENGL E840 / 50 and it adds even more color to my sounds!


I use an AUX G-System from TC Electronics pedal, a real massacre also when it is connected to AUX and not live as do many people wrongly.
the "Active FX loop" button to Page Add my pedal to the sounds that I created on the preamp '
MORE! With my MIDI pedal ENGL Z12 I can program several presets that allows me to have in my case 9 presets. (Up to 99 presets)


0 "preamp defeat" that's basically the BYPASS preamp, it allows me to see if my guitar does not send too much potato in the beast.
1 pure clean without options
2 + clean "Normal bright" for brilliance + "MLP" because that button sends the patté in Granny sonotone
2 + 3 clean "FX Loop active" = Clean with my effects
MLP + 4 + Crunch "Classic"
Crunch 4 + 5 "FX loop active"
6 Lead 1 + Active Contour + Modern + MLP + Noise Gate
Lead 1 + 7 + Modern Edge Mid MLP + + + Noise Gate FX loop active
8 Lead 2 + Active Contour + Modern + MLP + Noise Gate
Lead 2 + 9 + Modern Edge Mid MLP + + + Noise Gate FX loop active

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play it especially with 2 guitars:
an old LTD EC-50 mounted at P90 bridge and SH-2 neck pickup. (Granted SI Open (Open B)
and July 1-String Epiphone Matt Heafy signature (EMG 707 and 81-7)

for 6 strings I mostly use my presets (0 1 2 3 4 5 8 9) because the passive pickups require more GAIN on the preamp (Lead 2 is supplied Gain)
and my 7-String uses presets (0 1 2 3 4 5 8 9)

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I really like everything in this preamp, I also use it in my projects other than Metal, and cleans the crunshs are really great, and agrees very well the effects!


How long have you use it?

I use it for almost a year, this is a gem!

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I tried a lot of stuff since I was a musician: Pedals simulators amp / amp transistors / hybrid amp / amps lamps ... and I must say it is very very far the best machine j 'I had!

just before I was using a BOSS GT-6 and a VOX TonelabST on my Orange TC30, but this amp bad cash pedals, the same time it was designed to be gross, and it was not enough to my projects.

What is so special that you like most and least?

Frankly, what to say? everything is good, and I've already said everything, go I'll still say that I was not more! :

The gate, it's a very good idea, but they should have a little more work on, we lose a little of its sound when active, but it already has a killer sound with! : D
The Basses, it lacks a little room in the low for my taste, especially on clean sounds.
That's all I can say bad about this machine!

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice?

Nearly 1,500 balls, you have to get them out, but frankly When you see the stuff, and the opportunities we have with that Rack, it is easy to let go of the ticket and pay it!
Especially when you see that what competitors offer for virtually the same (MESA Recording rectify preamp + 1900 € and there are not as many options!)

If I ever had the choice again, I would do it again! I almost had a tear in his eye, separating me from my Orange to exchange it, but once in possession of the beast I've never been so happy with my sound! (After 10 years of research ...)

Last step: The current compare to the great villain (Fractal AXE FX II !!!);)


ENGL's flagship preamp

By Hatsubai, 08/06/2011
ENGL is well known for their super versatile high gain heads such as the SE, so it's only logical that they'd make a preamp version of that same head for those of us who love racks. This is a 2U rack that features four channels, four 12AX7 tubes, a semi-shared EQ between clean/crunch and lead 1/2, MIDI, tons of voicing switches, a noise gate, a stereo effects loop and more.


ENGL really outdid themselves when they built this thing. There are so many features thrown into this that it's head spinning. This biggest thing I love about this vs the E530 is that it has full MIDI implementation. Nearly every feature can be switched with MIDI, so you can build tons of different presets to help dial in whatever sound you can think of. There is also a built-in noise gate to help keep everything quiet. On top of a great layout, the ENGL manual provides you with everything you need to know regarding this preamp to help get you set up as fast as possible. It's a bit wordy, but everything is in there as to how the preamp functions and operates.


This thing sounds massive. If you've ever heard an SE before, you know what I'm referring to. The clean on this is chimey and great. It has some hi-fi qualities, but it can get very warm with just a few switches. The crunch on these preamps are pretty decent, but I was never a huge fan of ENGL crunches. They work, but I feel they're a bit stiff. Lead 1 and Lead 2 are where the real magic happens. You have these two extremely high gain channels that work awesome for both rhythm and lead work. If you're a shredder, death metal guitarist or even play in an 80s tribute band, this preamp should work for you. There are so many different options to help dial in the perfect high gain ENGL sound that it's ridiculous.


The ENGl E570 is one hell of a preamp, but it also comes with a price tag. It's more expensive than the E530, but if you can afford it, I recommend this over the E530 simply due to the extra versatility. Also, it has full MIDI capability, so you don't need an extra MIDI switcher like you do with the E530.

Pramp great for clean-rock-metal sounds

By fenderman des montagnes, 07/02/2011
peampli lamps has 4 channels clean, crunch, lead 1, 2 lead.
Rglage gain, theft, spars acute for 4 channels.
Rglages bass, common medium for clean-crunch and LEAD1-LEAD2.
Many switches to color the sound and the booster, especially one boost switch for the lower bass register (useful for metal)
1 switch and brightness (light sounds).
Connection complte: output to 2 amps of power, effects loop activated by a switch, output to PC or console with simul HP.


Pramp easy to use. rglages tonalities of effective and progressive premettant precisely sculpt the sound desire.


I play blues, rock, pop rock, metal.
4 channels allow to have 4 sounds good and diffrencis typs.
Clear lens, rhythmic rock to crunch, saturated solo rock saturated for ultimate Mtal.
I use branch directly on sound console or PC sound card, via an HP Palmer simulation that I prefer the built-sim.


I used for about a year and had tried before purchase many other much less versatile pramplis me, or less convincing in its level. The resulting grain is already exceptional in my direct use console with simu HP palmer. Needless to say that we are the years of Enlightenment matriels kinds POD or Vox ToneLab. I have not found the other hardware on the market able to cover with such sound quality throughout the range of sound from the most crystalline clean, the extreme metal through crunch gn ous. This quality and versatility compared my favorite styles of music have t dterminant elements of my choice.

apoplexy67's review

By apoplexy67, 02/12/2007
Prampli lamps 4 channel (rack, crunch, distortion and a distortion 2)
It can be connected in midi. Aside from the qualisation, all custom settings to rglage are mmorisables.
Trs instinctive and easy to use.
There is a loop effect intgre which can be activated or not according to desire.

It's just a shame that a display program used numro have not incorporated silent.


I use it:
* Directectement in my sound card: In this case the focus CHANNELS clear and saturate vitte crunch!
Torque mesaboogie a 2X50 and a 4X12 Marshall cabinet 1960: No problem of saturation

There are no instructions in French (English and German only), but as stated above, the use is very simple. It turns potentiomtre, small buttons are pressed then users press the button write / copy and the whole is the ds bote.


I bought it because I play Death Metal and I was looking for a big sound (I do that gives me Eb so I can count on the power of the grave by tuning provides more current!) and the more I am not a fan sounds Mesaboogie (Correct or TriAxis )..... The bte rpond of Manir excellent if you want a saturation that kills!
I test my Ibanez JS 1000, an Ibanez Sabre SERIES specially.

About the sounds:
Clear Channel: It's clean, crystalline and ar ... so clean that it surprised me to beginners.
Channel crunch: I find it beautiful. It really is a crunch and not just a poor distortion.
Lead1 channel: it's a nice distortion that can play the blues trs fat to old hard rock
Channel Lead2: The one enters the large distortion in the current mtal.

CHANNELS for all, there are in addition to qualisation, the paramtres (sauvgardables) that allow affect the sound.
* For CHANNELS Clean and Crunch, we have the possibility to have the normal sound, glossy or shiny trs. There is also - and gain the edge on many
* For CHANNELS Lead1 and Lead2, there is a button "active contour" which gives more edge to prampli. There is also a button "mid edge" which reduces the band mdium, thus changing the action of the qualisation mdium.
* Finally there are all common paramtres CHANNELS.
a key that can boost the gain (for a clear and crunch, one for the Lead 1 and 2)
a modern / classic dernire this really affects the sound (especially ditto) and offers rev sounds DIFFERENT from each other.
MLP key: this dernire boust Low frquencies the (very active in saturation)

I find not Russian dgueulasses sounds. Ms. grows back, it's beautiful! It really is a machine made for big sound. But it also offers a great versatility as the trs many rglages Submitted REALLY affects the sound, it is not just switch and pots prsence gadgets like I could meet on other amplifiers.
I just shut dstabilis by the sharpness of sound. Especially in his clear, if you want to shine, it's great!


I use it only recently. Play for me at all lamp is new, the compression of the lamps is more difficult and unforgiving grate (I have to learn scratch!), But despite this, its a prampli trs easy to play a compar Mesa.
There's really nothing wrong about the quality of sound. We are in the high end. APRS as with any amp, it has its own color ... we like it or not!
There's just not be a B flat blues on the sound, if you search the equivalence of a Fender or Bogner, this small ct "feutrquot; may be hard to see imposssible find. (o of the 9 / 10 ct sounds)
I bought a little by the DPIs because I wanted a dpart Brunetti Mille but it is no longer manufactured, but I do not regret my choice, it's really a beautiful machine trs .
Regarding the price ... the quality is paid for! So it's true that it is not given but it was worth the money, the price seems justifi
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