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User Review

Second knife (Swiss?) - Reviews Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

I am responsible for completing the data sheet ... Band feignasses!
The settings are: a gain-channel volume and bass / mid / treble / reverb ... + a common graphic equalizer 5 bands. 3 switches: Rythm bright fat-lead-lead and two bright master output (for stereo use).


The setup is really easy to use whatever we want to do (direct recording or "real amp" stage or studio). It is in search of his in particular it gets "touchy" ...
Architecture "a cascade" allows much more than 2-3 preamp channels.
There interaction between the two channels. Adjusted to a lead channel and with clean paufine which appends sustain without over-saturating the lead, the bright without farting molars or low by pushing the volume; amazing?
The manual is very useful, even essential, but the ears should be also there to achieve his ends.
Part 5-band eq is switched off or assignable regardless of the channel and with nothing but a few db + or by tape, the sound changes dramatically all! The reverb may seem puny or invasive according to the serial number and I council set itself (I mean the spring tension).


I've owned one in the 90 'and I rediscovered its versatility there is little.
The cleans are nice, sparkling according to what branch, the crunch and leads are chiseled and well defined in full, full of nuance and dynamics.
I play with several guitars too numerous to detail here but cover all existing sounds.
Not a sound is horrible, but beware to acute can be tiring in the long run, do not force the band 6600 Hz. A "rational" EQ gives excellent results but a "V" also works very well.


I do not know who said earlier that it was the high-end ... And not laulec is its big brother the quad preamp (which I gladly balancerais a review later) that gets stuck. Even cascade architecture but two possibilities, some even a midi implementation, summary but still.
With V1 TriAxis, he always left my rig as a second knife and is very complementary.
Pre studio is actually a mark II c + boxed, neither more nor less. IT does wonders in game volume and no, mesa does definitely not a fat and dirty sound as some say at leisure. He even begins to have a small side "vintage" not unpleasant.