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User Review

lagrelle's review - Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

Prampli any lights (and 4x12AX7 1x12AT7). 2 channels not fully indpendants (qual common basis) and volume gains SERIES. a lot of options bright, fat and the famous EQUAL assignable 5-band graphic with two channels, to lead alone or OFF.
Outputs or recording Poweramp, Stereo effects loop, rverbe intgre.
Full panel after all, damage, however, not have two channels completely indpendants.


Boogie easy to use? not really, and we do rptera enough: a Boogie is not a Marshall, read the manual, and know the dose rglages.
All parameters are taken into account. A small change on the graph can Entran EQUAL big changes on the sound. We must therefore learn the matriser bte ... and may take some time (less than one even when Triaxis)


Sounds great: the clean is right, typical Boogie, with the bright crystalline engaged. Unlike the Lead, get a good clean sound is something quite comfortable.
Lead is what requires patience and many express: first you must know that the two volumes but also the two gains are in SERIES. Some complained of having no saturation, only a big crunch. I respond by saying that the Studio Pre is capable of big Satus (otherwise I would not buy ....)
The secret is that you push the volume button once (pre gain) and the Lead Drive for maximum gain, then we must understand how qualos. The knobs is to pr-fits of distortion (like Fender) so if you push too low, it saturates the pramp in between, the sound becomes even pteux and irrcuprable equalo with graphics (post-tages of distortion, as in Marshall). The trick is to rgler the Equal to between 1 and 4 knobs for bass, treble to 8-10, and dig the sound with 5 band graphic thanks to the famous "V" as lou by Boogie ( I also recommend using the Equal graphic at all times, preferably in V, because the sound is the basis trsmdium if you do not dig).
And if one has the stuff that follows is the slap.
I play on Lag The Beast with a Mesa / Boogie EL84 20/20 power section and a Boogie 1X12 cabinet.
Verdict: big sound, low standards, a full, hot like fire, a monstrous distortion.

Dernire thing: rverbe. Plain fun, it allows the amp to sound right and a little less "dry". In disto I t trs enjoyable surprise: the rverbe is Submitted and "are the game," the solos become a real rgal play.
In short it is the top.


One of the best pramplis I tried, yet in the price range of 300-500 in OCCAZ 'I test almost everything (and possd):
ENGL 520 & 530, ADA MP-1, RockMaster Peavey, Marshall JMP-1, Digitech 2120, Rocktron Voodu Valve, Pirahna & Chameleon. The Mesa is the best for me, definitely possible. Mrs ADA, however prampli worship mtalleux possdant and although a little more gain than the first sound studio small ct.
Up Submitted, only TriAxis me impressed but the price is 4 OCCAZ 5 times lev.
Brief technical note 9 (a lack of acute chouilla and gain), but quality over $ 10, go 9.5 in the end!
If you want to please you, throw you over board!