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User Review

Very good ... for some styles - Reviews Mesa Boogie V-Twin

this is a pedal tube guitar preamp.
It has two channels: bypass, clear, overdrive / solo (depending on the position of dedicated switch).
In terms of connectivity, there is one input and three output: guitar amp, power amp and headphones.
There are also two control inputs for bypass and channel choice.

In terms of settings, this is a classic preamp, complete and effective (gain, bass, mid, treble, presence, output level).

Finally, there is a setting under the pedal to assay the channel gain clear.

The only real fault is the switch for the overdrive switch (blue) to solo when you're on the second channel.
It is impossible to activate it with the feet, which is a shame for a pedal.
Otherwise, there is no effects loop, which can be annoying.


Configuration is easy for one who has ever used a guitar amp.


It is suitable for many styles of music, including his drive for super sensitive and warm. The distortion (single player) is very good.

For metalheads against my friends (like Korn) are not getting enough sound right to their liking. A bit too fat to really modern, er metal box ;).

In fact, I tried amps mes (affordable) at the time and I loved their sound saturated but I preferred them for a fender clean sound. So, by dint of saving I made the configuration: V-Twin Nighthawk + + TwinReverb (which only have two clear channels).

Well duh, it gives a pretty vintage style but it still kills! Anyway, for rock, blues, reggea / dub, jazz ... AC does.
A priori, I think on newer amps we must go further


Its very good, it's a bit expensive and I do not know if today we find the best value for money. The pedal is sturdy. I do it again this choice because even if its not doing all it makes me go.