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User Review

Tiger foods's review - Mesa Boogie V-Twin

What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?
What is the power delivered?
What connection?
What are the settings, the effects? ...

A transistor and lamps (2) (finally, someone has to go zieuter the diagram, I know bugger all and I f inally *.
Full connectivity, surround area provided by various inputs and outputs.
No power, it's a preamp.
Settings of classic two-channel amp treble mid bass presence and gain flight. That's all and that's good.
Very heavy chassis, this is the stompbox. Switches that do not clatter and it's fine for disturbing when we play with a headphone.


The configuration is simple?
Do you get a good sound easy?
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Very simple, that's why I turned back to the racks for that.
Easily transportable, clear manual (well, no need to study the manuals that are heat my neuron)
His fakile to get, it sounds live and near settled anyhow (I mean, we do everything at noon and shoo it sounds, then affine)


Will it fit your style of music?
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
What types of sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)?
What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

Yes, blues / rock, I like it though. Complies with the sound of the guitar.
must love the clean sounds compressed and compressed distos (trademark Mesa)
By against followers of his correct will be disappointed, that's not it, not you hungry masses and it saturates less
Personally, I not put tons of gain (too much gain kills the grain), just half enough for me (gain at noon, I still have a little room, but I prefer to manage the attack or the volume pot ), I added a tube overdrive to boost sometimes and it sounds great too.
I love all the sounds, to saturated clear, slight preference for the blues channel (light blue), it manages to clear the saturated like that and not need to switch constantly.


How long you use it?
What is so special that you love the most, least?
Did you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Since + / - 4 months (I expected before writing the opinion, to avoid the syndrome at all new, all beautiful)
ls tried Digitech artist (but too effective, too compressed, too nuanced, I lost my sound), I also Pedaltone Koch, so I can compare.

I love its sound, its simplicity, the fact that it sounds even without effect (for me it is a sign that never fails, if I never get tired of her and did not really feel the need to add to it one or other pedals, it's all good)
There is also 2 x more compact than Koch, but not lighter.
Some who know say it is based on the diode bridges heated tube (like a Marshall jmp), I know anything, but it sounds. It's not like they told me to pick up completely against the Pedaltone Koch (which is a circuit based on four high-voltage lamps), it is like, it sounds pretty close with a dynamic rather than for the Koch , which is also more demanding in lamps (four instead of two, a better choice that is required).
In short, a good ratio Q / P secondhand (anyway it no longer produced), reliable over time (it is still being sought and for good reason, it's still the excelent gear, solid, and not obsolete)
With the experience I would do this choice, especially if I had no other preamp. With that said I could do without it because I'm Koch, but for now I keep it.
There's just that it's bad they did not opt ​​for switching different as to move to the clear sound of the machine, must juggle a small switch in his hand. Otherwise, bypassing found the clean sound but the amp. Therefore, it is used more as a distortion. I think there are ways to tweak the thing to add a 3rd switch easily. This is the only "complaint" and also tested a lot of lights on it, as I say it is less demanding than the Koch at this level, a pair or a mix jjtesla tesla Tung ground. No need for expensive tubes, it sounds good with the cheap too (not Koch, it has the taste of luxury)