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7 New T-Rex Pedals

T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, introduced an array of new pedals at the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse show which will soon be available in North America.

All of the below pedals should begin shipping to North American dealers in June or July 2011.
Gull Triple Voice Wah

The Gull pedal offers two distinct “wah” sounds (light and heavy), plus a dual-filter “yoy-yoy” effect. The SLOPE knob shapes the wah/yoy effect, while the BOOST function for amps is designed to up the volume of the output signal. The HOTSPOT button adjusts the onset of the effect, creating a less-sudden an more-musical wah response, according to T-Rex.

Street Price: $249
Hobo Drive

At its core, Hobo Drive is a 2-stage preamp controlled via traditional PREAMP and MASTER volume controls. It also features a TONE control for customizing the overdrive sound. On top of the preamp core is a boost function designed for soloing, single-note lines, etc. Finally, a PRE/POST switch offers the option of boosting the signal before it hits the preamp to add even more drive.

Street: $279

SpinDoctor 2
The SpinDoctor overdrive preamp returns in 2011 as a new version. The key features are there: four programmable channels, a set of tone controls, and motorized knobs. "The SpinDoctor 2 boasts and even warmer, tube-driven overdrive tone than its predecessor, leaving behind some of the more harsh treble tones," the company says. A new power regulator provides more internal power, which means more headroom and greater dynamics, they say. The SpinDoctor 2 is also a guitar preamp. You can plug it directly into a power amp, or use the speaker-simulation output to plug into a studio mixer or AD converter connected to your computer.

Street: $599


New Tonebugs

T-Rex adds four stomp-boxes to this  line of pedals.
Tonebug Booster: Boosts your tone and shapes it with Scoop and Boost controls.

Street: $99
Tonebug Fuzz: Designed for "rich, creamy" distortion. With Fuzz, Level and Tone controls.

Street: $99
Tonebug SenseWah: Triggered by playing, the SenseWah creates wah effects automatically. Switch between “wah-wah” and “yoy-yoy” effects, and tweak with Sense and Range controls.

Street: $149
Tonebug Totenschläger: The metal-minded Totenschläger has three controls – Level, Gain and a Graphic EQ - for what T-Rex calls, "hellish, fire-breathing distortion."

Street: $99

For more information, head to the T-Rex Engineering website.