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Good surprise - Reviews Art TPS

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use child while frontage, presets ...


Good sound quality.


Mine is original and I have nothing to complain about, heat, grain, while remaining clean. The sound gets a hit on and presets are all well screwed.

On arranger keyboard (korg m50) it changes my life, sound seemed tasteless and cold at the base gets hot, gritty, sexy and hot bro!

On acoustic guitar (yamaha) outstanding, every time I have the results engaging and full of life.

On bass (5 string warwick corvette classic) was also successful in the desired grain. On a typical metal (full EMG) sound sharp but a little cold coffee is transformed into a crematorium.
On my electric bass (Palatino VE500) very impressive, you'd think it's a real bass transplanted in fashion bow Hmm not very significant.

On microphone singing there as what to do voice and grain, the sonic palette and frequency range of the guy in general it works, except of course my voice, which always poses problems, but it is my voice;;

On electric guitar I just tried everything, I'm pretty metal I then suddenly I don not have too much utility in the chaining or otherwise, except to save transplanted by micro course, and it's been his job.

Great product, I was a little disappointed by the Company in the past (1 channel preamp tube art thing, a brief merdouille) but I must say that this machine is really efficient and nice and easy to use, thank you presets.
That exactly what I needed.