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User Review

linn134's review - Art TPS

Prampli 12AX7 dual channel (dual mono) 1U rack 19 "
Systm with output limiter (OPL)

Per channel:
Between type combo Neutrik XLR and asymtrique symtrique faade in the rear
48v phantom power supply
Pad + 24dB Gain Boost
Phase inverter
Slecteurs gain and output volume
Rotary "Voicing" with presets impdance
Catgories 3: Neutral / Warm / OPL divided into sub catgories
Outputs: XLR and Jack symtrique the 6.35 rear

Solid steel frame with ventilation by convection (natural, no fan)


Using simple hyper
slecteur of the pRSET can select a type of instrument prdfini with some variations.
Intgr components are of good quality or correct except the original lamp, a bit weak and too little gain Submitted in the sound. Replacement by a GT or a Sovtek best quality is desirable.

The manual is lightweight but the use of the BTE is childish.


With the original lamp, the pramp is just passable. Few personality. Quite dynamic but lacks EHJV on rhythmic notemment.
After replacing the lamp, everything is difrent and here are some rsultats obtennus with:

- On a low (active 5-string): the hot postion "valve", the grain is Submitted and lamp colors the sound without distortion, the output limiter is useful if the grave is PForm If this was not the case.
Good performance, recording (Marian MarcX in 24/96) and return on a bass amp (Ampeg BA115)

- On a guitar (Fender Jaguar): void in between, this little prampli is good enough or even trs surprising. The clean sound is warm and round, a pretty cool bluesy ct. With distortion pedals of (Marshall JackHammer JH1) it is even more Submitted, no need to use the boost gain
(Pramp of the pedals had its effect). Your exact is enjoyable and notable for recording and restitution (of standard cost Alesis Monitor One or Tannoy Reveal).

- A condenser microphone (AKG): for voice, the sound is good but somewhat lacking a little finesse around "Whispers". For recording of wind instruments (clarinet, for example) the prampli fit for purpose providing an enjoyable and heat arrrondi a little nasal ct of the instrument. It trs apprciable a saxophone and a clarinet.

- On a keyboard (Kurzweil K2000) is automatically your exact standard, the warm sound of an organ or a sheet and is enriched Paissi without too much abuse. Positions Multi / Keyboard and Piano are really well done. Your exact trs is satisfactory.


I use it for a year now.
I bought a long time 3 APRS rflchi between the racks and a unique pramp coteux in more console output. Finally, I DCID to take 3 to allow me more flexibility in recording the fly. The lamp is sensible if one takes the trouble to change it from the heat and leave to care
the gain in the amount gradually over the Premire uses. Again, a change GrooveTubes compltement the quality of sound.

I could listen to other models in this price range and a slice a bit thrown. Given the fact that I do not register with a view to replacing a studio and my hardware is not always at the top level, I considered a reasonable and proper MODEL.

I am happy today trs.
Manufacturing is good, the hardware is solid and reliable and the price is right trs.
I do not intend to change gear for quite some time and even if I could afford an Avalon or a WMD would not be useful in my config trs.

TPS enough colors the sound before the console and a computer record DTD 24/96.
The rsultats are qu'honntes. A good choice for those seeking control a little more grain and personality of his compositions.