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Troubleshoots box!

By El_Becko, 09/05/2014
Small two-channel analog preamp.
Combo XLR / jack (HI-Z) on the front and the same thing separate tails.
Question two control bar graphs to LEDs, 48V and they have not forgotten - fortunately - the phase inverter.

Almost bare minimum but consistent with the target audience: everything that could be added at this stage it would be imposed at the expense of sound quality or softness of the price.

It would be perfect if the final ball had been committed.
She was and I have kept it to the end: there is no low-cut!!!! Deuce! Misery! Damnation! Sabotage!

Grrrrrr .... well ... it's okay anyway but please do not repeat what we shot there.


Nothing more simple and thank you for the inputs on the front panel: aaah this damn habit to deport switch on the rear connector and then the target product is the home studio which in principle does not 130m ² and is not equipped cabinets or racks patchbay ....
Ouuuh ..... but I wouin-wouinte for nothing (who said again!!) Because it is not the case :)
And that's perfect.


Less than 100 euros Cygnus' the contract is perfectly true: there is a definite plus compared to the direct insertion into the input of my M-Audio.

Certainly it is not the Virgin Mary is back on earth but a lot more for his money than most similar products that I either already served in this price range.
Only my old Tube MP Studio bought 25 euros a friend (despite the many very negative reviews and IMHO partly unjustified about it) had previously given me as much satisfaction (but not quite the same use).

Not pushing the ugly color gain (and then there matter of taste!) All made themselves heard and harmonics are being progressively until exhaustion value (in qualitative terms) of the signal if you do not stop to reasonable values.

On this subject I read comments regretting the poor quality of the saturation level (or distortion) of this little preamp or similar materials; I think this is normal and it is not made for that.

Again we must keep right: this box will serve me most of the time to pre-amplify the two microphones that transplanting my acoustic and attack the stereo input of my sound card situation prototyping or pre-production and without "3:00" to make the sound and adjust a channel strip with EQ and dynamics processing.

If I have to make def ', what happens to me regularly but still not enough to justify (and probably allow me to be quite frank) the purchase of a channel-strip over 2000 euros, I prefer borrow "my potos rezo".

And from elsewhere: thank you very potos ;)

All this is certainly not perfect but for the price, it seems to me, very good.


I have used it a few days then have made in order to properly express my disapproval of this shameful neglect of petty and low-cut; but it took me admit that the vacuum is great in the competition (in terms of price / quality ratio) so I'll bow to me and get another one.

Now I think I have made with you, dear reader, a target around the animal.
An animal very good company which by its side touches everything, discretion, kindness (..? ..) Should follow you everywhere.

This is also thinking about the fact that he also did a very good DI for the scene that I came to regret that he did his masters have not learned to split the signal (style switches ABY) which would have is an indispensable companion turned in the bag to save lives at the bottom of the minibus!
You know the one where there also has stereo jacks, RCA, cutting pliers, a small Soundcraft mixer, a corkscrew .... CBO .... of .....

Still not perfect - but who is? - Nevertheless, all this is still good.

But as I am talkative written almost as much as the oral, and especially quick to complainer complaint, and I just read something that has profoundly shaken me I would add the following and I can not stop me.

Yet I try.

Yes I can ... then ... in response to product reviews Monsignor "lord_lézion" (... brain?) Who explains that we are all idiots because-that all lamps in the world are perfectly identical and should therefore show an immeasurable ignorance bother to change that which is provided to us with BlueTube

Dear colleague, Master,

Do not you find it strange that almost all of the world's population could have committed such an error of judgment but Your Excellency? And His Excellency Mr. és lamps I named complotiste Alain Lafon (you give the website address also very shabby looks like another ....) and you would have saved this horrible mistake?
But why then does he sell different brands of lamps?

And when I see how the sound of my amps and other materials lamp changes when I change the lamp model I'm very concerned that (at my age, already!) Such hallucinations!
Do I then, Oh Grand Septon, seek urgent psychiatrist?
Unless, in the light of your Clairvoyance, you will most certainly orientiez me to a great marabout ...


cagouille's review

By cagouille, 30/01/2010
see below ...


Usage is childish.


Equipped with electro harmonix lamp is a magic box that heats anything. For voice it's great. I think the acoustics too. But in fact I use it mostly for warming digital synths a bit cold (like the D50, the TG77), which is impeccable as it is stereo. Beware though, this is not at all clear, the sound is colorful but it's fun. Be careful not to over saturate the lamp ...


The value for money is concrete: it is certainly better but it's much much more! This is the perfect tool to give a soul to warm your pickups. I do it again without hesitation that choice (for sure, I have 2!).

moosers's review

By moosers, 03/06/2009
The PreSonus BlueTube is a dual channel mic preamplifier that has tube based power.  Each channel has a dual XLR and 1/4 inch input and this isn't a rack mountable unit.


The PreSonus BlueTube is a really easy preamplifier to use.  Each channel simply has knobs for drive and gain while it also has buttons for a pad and phase.  There is also a single phantom power button that applies to both of the channels as well as metering for each channel that shows the overall level you are getting from your signal.  I've never had any problems whatsoever manipulating this preamp and I don't think that too many people will have trouble with it either.  The manual for this is put together pretty well but it really isn't a necessity as it is easy enough to use on its own.


Even though this is a tube based preamp and does have some warm to it, I like this preamp mostly because it has a good deal of clarity.  These preamps are suitable for just about any application but I use this mostly for electric guitar as I find it to work best for this and I have other options for other applications.  While I wouldn't really say that this preamp colors your sound, it definitely does have its own sound to it.


While I can't say that I would recommend the PreSonus BlueTube to professional engineers or studios as I don't believe the overall sound quality is up to par, I would recommend this to home studio owners looking to get a very reasonably priced set of tube preamps.  They do have a pretty good sound but the price is really the best part about this as they give you a lot of bang for your dollar.  If you are a home studio owner looking for a cheap set of tube preamps, I would recommend checking out the PreSonus BlueTube.

Jeffouille's review

By Jeffouille, 31/10/2008
Unlike new BLUETUBE DP, we must remember that the ancient MODELS taient "Made In United States." This applies to the one I acquired OCCAZ to 80. This may be a dtail but for trying a DP, I find the sound of old MODELS 2 or 3x better ... In addition, the catch (even if they may be a little more fragile) are faade. Finally, coupled with BlueMax, it's beautiful ... but it is also a dtail!


Taken singing of course, but also guitar and everything that happens. For low also, as prampli, Chouteau well! Trs rgler simple. Another advantage vis vis the new MODELS: viewing levels is by led not by those who espces needles illegible quipent faade of the RFP. One little missing from the DP: there is no cutting down. Never mind, all my mics have a ...


Excellent! Not too much wind, no noise (I tried a DP that was plenty of buzz!), Trs a good momentum and that little heat indniable more when you go up gradually "Drive" (channel of the lamp). My microphone AKG Perception 200 is growing and loses some its ct "cheap" in the reproduction of the vote. Coupled with BlueMax, trs another good product I think I gained momentum, in simplicity and quality in my catch of his


Without any regret, this little purchase will go OCCAZ of loyal service, adding a little texture, warmth and dynamics taken my voice, guitar and all that go into it. In short, I love.
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