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User Review

Long time user of Stanton equiptment - Reviews Stanton Magnetics T.62

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
As a long time user of Stanton equiptment, i thought it was about time I dropped a review of the Stanton T.62. I paid full price for these brand new from Best DjTurntables Stanton T62
which gave a great review of them. I originally had the T60's so I knew what to expect, and for what has to be described as a budget turntable, you certainly do get good quality for your money. I've had the T62's for almost 4 years now, and never had a problem. I've replaced the cartidge, which is easy to do, only cause I like to do that every couple of years. It has a great vinvyl to mp3 sound conversion feature, so now i have all my vinyl records on mp3.

If you are new to either DJing, or just need a quality set of turntables, then this Stanton will see you good, trust me on that. I'll still be using it another 2 years from now!