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Synq Audio
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User reviews on Turntables Synq Audio products

if nothing else (X-TRM 1)

By officialbob5, 21/10/2013
I played with this club when I did not take mine
I have tried many other

This model just before I think belonged to American Audio (which I had)
the highlight: the weight and immobility device when the table moves, the sound reproduction, simple design, easy access to buttons, settings and start braking accéssible tray with buttons like a technics where These same buttons are below the plateau, and strong point is a very, very solid machine. (Not to throw out the window anyway)
the weak point tedious transportation, support the cell becomes dirty quickly pair a bit feeble for the scratch wheel on off too badly placed and a bad move on another board but go unnoticed here, cut the juice in the machine .

Good product !! (X-TRM 1)

By dj tema, 29/09/2013
---- How long have you use it?

4 months

---- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

They had a good couple, similar to ttx, pdx. rather she is pretty, she ultra pitch.
the small weak point is that there is no right arm, so for scratching ca jumps a little with the arm "S" but it's still very correct.

---- How do you report qualitprix?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...dropoff Window

I would do this choice without problem, the price-quality ratio is ecxelent!