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Tweeters/ Compression Drivers
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User reviews on Tweeter/ Compression Driver products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Eminence - APT:80)

By Audiofanzine FR, 08/12/2008
(Originally written by rod 971/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Great tweeter considering its price. You don't have a big budget? Don't look any further! Almost as expensive as the piezo tweeters I formerly used but way better...


Very pleasant sound for vocals, string instruments and even wind instruments (I used to hear a lot of symphonic music). Very good power handling. Can be mounted on 250-watt loudspeaker systems or even more with a well set crossover (cut-off frequency at 5 kHz if you use a 2nd order crossover).


Ideal for compact 2-way loudspeakers with a low-mid woofer plus a 15" subwoofer. This setup provides a very pleasant and affordable compact system.

Music Partners Organisation's review (JBL - 2425H)

By Music Partners Organisation, 05/02/2006
These motors / JBL cuts are a must that makes reference number in the world.
JBL more than ever again proves its technological suprmatie based on over 50 years of experience and numerous patents that have guided dposs technical evolution of the pro and Hi Fi.
Introduced in the case of the 2425H is a diabolical precision (many scientific laboratories use) with the added finesse rarely achieved.
The mdiums sing, distortion is extremely small, and perfect dispersion.
And, very importantly, the shma of the curve: linear. RARE.
Major professional assemblers as Clair Brothers Sound or picture using the cuts for ages.
I work with these cuts for 12 years without ever having encountered any problem.


JBL 2425H, an opportunity for safe haven! do not pass up.


JBL 2425H, A reference compression that has over 10 years of age in 2006 and still very research.

Excellent Tweeter à Compression (Fostex - FT17H)

By Humbucker Addict, 26/02/2018
J' utilise ces tweeters avec des 12" Alnico GAMMA, des AUDAX PR170ZO, les fréquences de coupure sont 600 Hz et 6000 Hz. Le rendement est élevé et le rendu sonore est très bon, pas métallique mais plutôt naturel, ils supportent très bien la puissance.
Très bon rapport qualité / prix.

News Tweeter/ Compression Driver

[NAMM] JBL Pro D2 Dual Driver

Published on 01/29/12
With the introduction of the VTX Line Array Series, JBL is also unveiling the D2 Dual Driver.

New Beyma Ferrite Products

Published on 10/30/11

[Musikmesse] Beyma CD10Nd & CD10Fe

Published on 03/23/10

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