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User Review

xav69's review - Beyma CP-12N

In reality what HP was I advised by my dealer to be mounted with a SM112 I bought already availing oneself at the same place there ...
In the era I n'tait not super callus in filtering so I had total confidence in my dealer for me to design the filter
the silent finality to get a pair of 2-way compact speakers to make annimations
amp IMG STA602 and a silent today YAMAHA P2500S


With SM112 in 50L bass reflex (2events by pregnant dia: 7) agreement to 50Hz, all supported by a sub 18G550 in 220L bass reflex (laminar agreement to 35Hz) amplified by a QSC RMX 2450 bridg I am fond of his dlivr by this set, I correct between 2and 6.4KHz with a 2 * eq 31 and every time I am subjugated by the power of the system and its precision, offers really Beyma Hp of exceptional even today I get a shiver in pleasure.


It is obvious that these small acute compression are not the hp "ultimate" of his nnormes systm, and for me it is true that my systm is not a power (in watts rms) dffriser a mammoth, I maintain that in view of its performance, and especially his Linares and its precision is always a pleasure for me and my clients even when I vennement a PA. I have so far not heard much better in this price range
Beyma thank you!