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User Review

sinclar's review - Beyma CP-385Nd

One of the drivers most famous 1 inch on the market with the DE250 b & c. .. Alliance of sweetness and projection with a feather! Finer than the CP380, which is a beefy the sound, the 385nd is more detailed and more accurate without this side "military" of 380.
I saw this engine in particular EAW boxes and should be used everywhere!


Having had the DE250, I found the 385nd best high level, perhaps with the benefit of neodymium magnetic flux more evenly distributed! I get very good results coupled with a 38 15P80nd to 1.8kHz crossover but with a tailor-made for coupling an engine 38 and a 1 inch is always difficult!
The result is very dynamic, the sound is projected without aggression and without digital controller ... It goes without saying that the pavilion will have a direct impact on the sound of the engine, the two go hand in hand! Personally, I avoid aluminum pavilions ...


I use it for 3 years and I used the PC 380, the DE 25 and 250 and BMS 4552nd and I kept the 385nd issue of taste .... no doubt the others are also very good, your ears decide!