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User Review

à Chaud's review - Beyma CP-09

I bought 2 Beyma CP09 tweeters to replace the piezo tweeters of my speakers LeSon Yorkville YS112.


I have a friend who has built a device to determine the values ​​to give a first order filter with two switches to choose the value of the inductor and capacitor that go by observing the response curve obtained with a microphone standard and a spectrum analyzer.

In fact, regardless of the values ​​of filter components, they do not descend low enough, and there is still a big gap between 12 cm and the bass-midrange tweeter.


So I returned to my piezo tweeters which are much better.

(This brand of piezo tweeters the sound has nothing to do with other Motorola and Co. and really gives good results, both efficacy and directivity)

Therefore the 2 Beyma CP09 sleeping in their box in recent years.