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User Review

dexter236's review - Harley Benton UK-11

For CHARACTERISTICS, see other reviews. Otherwise, soprano ukull 4 chord (G, C, E, A) ... China no doubt.


As a guitarist, I wanted to test and not get into major purchases, in an order I took the instrument 15.

- The handle: I find it enjoyable even if a little bit of lime at the frets could not hurt (not a cup ...). Otherwise, it feels no ESG playing!
Just the nut that does put a rush ... but it looks like a pose a problem in the game

- The mcaniques: then the ok, it's crap. But personally, I find a con (see Previous opinion) to try an instrument without 15 "quibble" a few minutes. Indeed, mcaniques are rotten to be a dsaccorde beginners ... all the time. BUT ... yes there is a BUT, I play a night and taking a screwdriver, things are RULES. Well ok, not fantastic but has become a RULES is alone and all is well with APRS. Do not judge too quickly ...

- Question n n: changing the strings directly (I'm not the only say). I come now to replace them with Martin's (2.7 game, taking in two directly) and it's much better! Aside from a, well ... it sounds ok but 15 sounds good.


The soprano's 15 ukull what. Audible, the costs but not ugly ear warned hear it's not the quality. 15 ... but frankly have to do it!


Bought to test, I must say that although this instrument j'apprcie. 15, trs pretty, finishing more than respectable. At worst, it will serve as dco .. DGIG it an air of polynsie I find!

I advice to non-musicians beginners because it could put off some novice. on the other hand, a guitarist will find his account. You just love to tame and make something "good" of an instrument a little cheap.

Change would make this instrument mcaniques trs fun ... count 9 15 something decent and 30, you will have a ukull "not bad".

ps: 7 / 10 for 15 + for a change of strings, you have something much fun!