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Tenor very correct - Reviews Kala KA-SMHT Tenor

Made in china, table bottom and sides of solid mahogany, tortoise shell binding type (False), mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, mechanical oil bath, nuts graphite, 17 frets.
My model has a satin finish, but the model is also available with high gloss finish.
The handle end is very nice and glides well (very well cut freight). The original strings are Aquila Nylgut perfect for this format and the instrument is sold in case.
Only drawback, the finishes are not very careful (multiple glue drippings inside the box) and even on the neck ...


The handle is comfortable, easy enough for even a guitarist 1m 80!
Level ergonomics: RAS is a lightness that so disconcerting is quite possible to play without standing strap for 2 hours without tiring.
Seated we can play like a soprano or like a guitar, the big advantage of the format tenor!
The access is very relative to the highs on a ukulele, I will not comment ... say that a man of 1.80m with fingers "normal" most bars become completely unplayable past the 9th box ...


Very good projection, but the sustain is surprisingly shorter than on models Kiwai (nut?) And the sound is brighter than what one might expect from a model while mahogany (could this be the sapeli ?? I think so!)


I use it for 6 months, and for the price I'm finally satisfied.
Before I tried to acquire a Pono and a hardy kiwi (both mahogany ditto but above all points of views - but much more expensive). This is the price that made me choose the Kala!
Ascending the price and effectiveness of the instrument gnrle (excellent gameplay)
The -: Sustain the feeble

With experience, I think I would do the same choice for the price it's still not bad at all ...