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Ultrasone HFI

Ultrasone HFI-680

User reviews on Ultrasone HFI products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Ultrasone - HFI-650 Trackmaster)

By Audiofanzine FR, 02/12/2008
(Originally written by s_mirouf/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I've been using these headphones for two years. I can't really perceive a real surround effect but I find the sound fidelity is exceptional. Perfect frequency response with powerful but not overemphasized lows, well-defined and well-balanced mids and highs. These headphones allow you to listen to music at high output levels without disturbing your environment. Incredible acoustic isolation. Long, high-quality cable. Screw on 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. Even though the headband can be adjusted, the headphones tend to slip sometimes. This makes you tighten the headband too much, which decreases the comfort. To wrap it up, after having tested other well-known products I would still buy these again.

patrick.loubet13's review (Ultrasone - HFI-650 Trackmaster)

By patrick.loubet13, 22/03/2006
Very good product that is robust to support the passage of many years.
High-quality printing. Good wire length and diameter correct.
I wanted a closed headphone listening to music without disturbing.
It was my first headphone in this price range, I was really impressed with the sound quality. Clear highs and accurate bass without aggression and breathtaking without being predominant. I have not seen any effect "surround" ... and that's fine like that!
Its only flaw is that too shook my big head and hurt my ears in 20 minutes. I, to my regret, returned because of it.
Very nice sound, to be reserved for small heads (no pun intended).

Killah Beez's review (Ultrasone - HFI-650 Trackmaster)

By Killah Beez, 03/02/2006
- I just got it, it is currently 119 euros fnac
- Well made, solid-looking, lightweight, it is by no cons forcment trs beautiful
- Then the trick this headset: the sound "space" ... and it's true that had a small effect, the sound is less focused than normal headphones, that said no non rvolution more, but a nice effect even when the sound seems more "open".
- Sound: trs trs clear, was a sr! prcis and clear ... and apparently well balance between the three registers of frequencies.

Soulboogaloo's review (Ultrasone - HFI-650 Trackmaster)

By Soulboogaloo, 21/08/2003
I just got it a few days ago, so I will see perhaps my decision later ...
This is a closed headphone, design revolutionary because it simulates surround ambience without use of electronic artifacts, as is the case with the Dolby Headphones, for example. The process, called S-Logic, based on the fact that the speakers are off center, and are based on the anatomy of the ear, for "fool" the brain and it works! We really feel that the sound comes from outside, not in the head, as is the case with a conventional headphone. Furthermore, this design also reduces sound pressure: for the same listening comfort, you can listen to 4 dB less than traditional headphones: it all adds up to reduce listening fatigue, often with headphones closed.
In the least, however, I would see two things: its weight, and comfort: the head is a little too tight, which is not very pleasant.
Anyway, this makes a great tool in the studio, but also for watching DVDs, for example!
Brand Ultrasone, a young German brand is not well distributed, but we can still find products from Ultrasone Meier Audio (, in which I paid € 145.
The press has sung the praises of this newcomer to the world of headphones: Music Tech Magazine, MCV, and even the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung!

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