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Ultrasone Pro 2900 Mini-Review

The Barry White of Headphones The Ultrasone Pro 550 didn't convince us when we compared headphones under $150. But the brand is famous for its high-class headphones. So what about the Pro 2900, the flagship in the Ultrasone product range? read more…

User reviews on Ultrasone PRO products

jelly.roll's review (Ultrasone - PRO 750)

By jelly.roll, 22/02/2014
see above,

yes, yes, yes, yes

planned budget exceeded € 100 but honestly no regrets as the quality is far above the lot and other models.

headphone remains a long term investment then all make an effort and do not be disappointed with his purchase in a few months. (Delivered in case, folding a pair of velvet ear forward, straight and spiral cables supplied - to note that the cables are detachable headphone swap so wish ... well lots of little things that are more- gains over the long term

taking acoustic guitar and mix
also listen to stereo

zic style, rock, metal, jazz, blues, soul, brief Acoustic full of various and varied things except techno boomboom and other nightclubs and rave parties style

detachable connectors, strength I have therefore not yet acquire back but it looks to be made to last for years!
it will replace my akg 240, which celebrates 11 years of good and loyal service (1st true headphone but noisy as semi closed

there is total slaughter, I had to take ages past 2 headphones to another (ultrsone 750, akg, beyer 770 etc. .. I do not have all the refs all headers) the results 'Ultrasone has all buried.

fabulous, dynamic balance, not listening fatigue comfort or canal side or port side, spacialisation formidable all instruments are distinct and above all be heard! skins resonance toms clearly audible sounds we rediscover songs!, acoustic guitars perfectly restored, ditto for the piano? voices ....

perfect no outside noise isolation disturbs tuned!

doc benway's review (Ultrasone - PRO 900)

By doc benway, 03/02/2014
After 2 years of use, I'm happy but it is not the holy grail I expected. I still have to work hard even when mixing really trust him .. I understand better microphones EQing or compression on my speakers (BM6A) on the headset. I had to make a mix entirely through headphones when I bought, the result was very disappointing ...
So I would say its good, useful either in the studio, but do not rely too. I do not think it is neutral.

Use in recording and mixing on the acoustic music mainly.
Very pleasant to wear, beautiful boiboite with different wiring inside.

Seems solid, detachable connectors therefore, 2 cables screw, small wholesale jack-jack.

Very good sound I found a little "product" big bass and treble quite kind but no big surprise between my headphones and monitors many rules.
Good insulation.

clement2635's review (Ultrasone - PRO 900)

By clement2635, 22/01/2014
I use it for 1 year, and I have two other headphones akg Q701 Quincy Jones and Beat By Dre Studio (we do not ... lol)
Each headphone has its quality and its default (the only quality dre is its manufacture and comfort ...)
It is hard to compare the 3 headphones for each sound is different, does not prevent that the PRO900 will work best for his mix despite its treble and bass too present.
This is a headphone with a good value
I do not regret the past year with even if I'm using more.

I took this headphone as a complement to my monitors (adam A7X), and work for certain frequencies distorted by the acoustics of my room (yet Treaty.
I even made complete by using prods (electro / dubstep / dnb) and the result is stunning.

Beautiful production, we see that it is strong, lightweight, does not hurt after a long, pleasant to wear brief port.
Comes in unebelle briefcase, bag parts, 2 different cables jack (6.5/3.5). I made a good break, and the sound has not really changed over time.

So the advice will be different while being objective Extremely low, Very much treble, despite all the sound is really clear, it's still a work tool, so the sound is not really nice and embellished.

Not for me, where is the music? (Ultrasone - PRO 900)

By Pat Flam, 08/10/2013
I've had three weeks. I never would buy, I call into sales.
€ 400 for the sound, it's crazy.
This is just my honest feeling.
If you want the sound truth, get away from this thing.

Using sound recording and listening sockets.
Very comfortable to wear
Adapts well to any morphology, but beware of the placement, moving only radically changes the sound ...

Solid, detachable connection .....

So there really tastes differ from one individual to another.
Personally, this headphone is unlistenable, aggressive in the treble, midrange is cut (finally dug an incredible way for the price, the lower arch are predominant and not natural for a penny, it is simple, listen with your instrument ears, save it, replay it with the headphone, it's the same ...
Even rap or techno, I do not choose. I much prefer a 280 hd seinnheiser example ...

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