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User Review

Very good audio interface - Reviews Akai Professional EIE Pro

I was looking for a USB audio interface, with inputs and outputs "lines", as well as instruments, with A / D 24bit, 96kHz converter, for use with laptop or Pc Pc tower (portability), Windows 7 and 8.


Stable drivers, use with Cubase, Live! (8ms latency). I recorded one track at a time but I think it can record 4 tracks mono silmultané. The instrument preamp (guitar inputs) is of good quality and very good results for the price of the interface. We began to feel his weaknesses when multiple virtual instruments are used (3 or 4 max, if some effect plugins used), pure audio tracks, one is less limited (depending, always, the number of plugins used ).


Easy to install and use. No worries


2 months of use and very satisfied with the product that was exactly my expectations performance / connectivity / price. More expensive (motu apogee ...) card is, of course, less limited processing capacity (beefier DSP) real-time, but the preamp is very correct and realize what I want (recording instruments environment component in man studio). Very good choice