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User Review

DjCaylus's review - Akai Professional EIE Pro

Who needed a usb hub and a sound card in my living room or + mobile mixer that I became pro EIA and am super satisfied!

Use in electronics "Techno etc. .." Using Ableton + acoustic guitar + voice

USB sound card with effective:

- 4 input instrument / mic + supply
- Usb Hub 3
- Monitor output / + single output
- 4 inputs insert

Macbook connected to my "white" 4GB Ram it turns nickel. I use it mostly in IN for recording, the sound coming in my OUT OR A10. Or nomadic ..


Update drivers required to run on Maverick. The map is provided at the base with an ID key lock licenses to carry your PC pc and Protools that you suddenly eat a USB.

Once parametrized in Ableton everything revolves nickel. Parameters depend on the intended use ... acoustic j decrease the size of the buffer to 256 or 128 history to have no latency for recording vocals separately and have an imperceptible latency. Electronic j'm 512 with either Live mode average 8/10 tracks composed by fashion .. 8/10 tracks with an average of 2/3 effects per track and 2/3 effects on the master and everything revolves nickel.

I've tested with a buffer 1024 in live mode and at first glance it seems not change the masses ... I still dig the map for a month.


Updated to make drivers via the akai site for albeton detects ...

If a child configuration.


I AKAI since 2 months max.

I have the A10 which allows me to mix 4 decks but has no instrument input. I also have a mixer Berhinger which is much less portable and whose preamps are all m ^ m a notch below the pre-amp AKAI.

Ability to insert .. USB Hub ... Id lock and key free Protools. (M ^ m if I'm a fan Ableton it is always nice)

A very good product Q / P I would buy again and I would recommend anyone looking for a versatile sound card especially for mobile phones with limited connectivity.