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User Review

The indispensable tool - Reviews Akai Professional EIE Pro

Value For Money : Excellent
Besides price beating all competition, I chose the EIA-Pro AKAI for its relatively large number of inputs (4 + 4 instrumentals inserts) and its integrated USB2 hub. It's silly to say, but for me that connects a lot in USB (master, nano-kontrol ... Keyboards) on a Macbook with only 2 ports, this is a strong argument that ending up with 4 Additional ports.


Nothing special to report, everything seemed clear. I have a slight defect on one of my knobs: the dress in plastic tends to go if you pull on them, but nothing extreme. I love the ability to mix monitor output and single output.

Little thing that bothers me (I have not tried): It is no longer possible to control the overall volume on the Macbook, that goes over the USB is a level 100%.


No worries for me. I'm easily under 10ms latency 96 KHz, I have not tried to go lower.


I was seduced by its design, and when I saw the price and features, I literally cracked. This is a great tool, very quality without breaking the bank. To end on a detail that crosses my mind, it's a shame not to be able to remove the light on the meters; these are really sharp when working a bit in the dark.