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User Review

Simplifying the Home Studio - Reviews Apogee ONE

Apogee's One is a usb interface for DAW based recording, giving you big, professional quality results in an ultra portable package. The One features one of apogee's proprietary mic pre's, a direct in for recording line-level instruments, a built in mic, stereo output, headphone jack, mount for a mic stand, as well as a break out cable to save on size. The front display of the One is very simple, utilizing a single, clickable rotary knob, you can easily move between selections to adjust levels. Aesthetically, the one has a very simple modernistic appeal that should be a welcome sight to apple customers.


The stereo output allow for using the One's converters to monitor takes or to simply enjoy you online album collection. The one is compatible with pretty much any DAW solution, but is configured to work seamlessly with apple's Garageband and Logic series production softwares. Unlike the Duet, One has an onboard microphone and is mountable to a mic stand to create a streamlined home recording chain.


I was able to begin recording using the One in minutes. Using Logic, I was able to track direct guitars and bass and used the onboard mic to capture vocals. To my surprise, the built in mic performed excellently and with standard mix precedures, was able to fit in a mix just as well as a take with a dedicated LDC microphone. The direct guitars were sent to amp simulation plugins and double tracked, yielding wide stereo image and low very low noise. I was very impressed with how simple the recording process became when using the one.


The Apogee one is an excellent home or mobile recording solution. The inclusion of a quality onboard microphone makes for a streamlined recording chain capable of handling an entire studio project all on it's own. You can find these for around $150 on the used market , and for quality Apogee conversion, that is a steal.