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Apogee interfaces include Waves bundles

Apogee and Waves have partnered to offer Waves bundles to new purchasers of the Duet, Quartet and Ensemble audio interfaces.

Starting from today, if you purchase an Apogee Duet, Quartet or Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interface at authorized retailers, register it and you’ll receive a downloadable Waves plug-in bundle.

If you purchase an Apogee Duet ($649 / 739 €), you’ll get the Waves Silver (a $600 value). If you choose an Apogee Quartet ($1,495 / 1 679 €) or Ensemble Thunderbolt ($2,595 / 2 899 €), you’ll receive the Waves Gold bundle (an $800 value).

The Waves Silver bundle features 16 plug-ins, with reverb, compression, EQ and more. The number of available plug-ins is 35 in the Waves Gold bundle.

Note that these Apogee audio interfaces are Mac only. You’ll find more info about this new partnership between Apogee and Waves at