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User Review

Upgrade from the original - Reviews Apogee Duet 2

With 2 in and 4 out, this USB Audio Interface has 2 mic preamps in this little device by Apogee, it is called the Duet 2. I have not been using the Duet 2 that long (less than 1 year). But my time with it has been really good. It comes with Maestro 2 which is a software. The special thing about this interface is that its just plug and play. There were no issues with installing it, with me being a musician and songwriter I needed to have something that I could easily just plug in and it work right away.


The sound is really good, and the unit is very easy to use. This unit does have phantom power and it is Bus Powered. The audio output types are 2 TRS, 1 ¼ headphone jack. If you have a bunch of different audio you need to get into your computer at the same time or you want it to be hooked up at the same time then this interface is not for you. It is a simple interface and it works just like that, simple! It is on the higher priced side of interfaces for such a small unit though.


The 2 mic preamps are really good. and they can capture some great sound from your source or instrument in stereo. With this interface it all depends on which Mac you will be using with it. If your computer does not have the requirements with the OS then you will have major driver issues with this interface.


This interface is small but powerful, you can pack it with you and take it anywhere you need it to go which is a huge plus for my setup which I try to keep pretty small. The display on the front of the Duet 2 doesn’t really have too much just some LED’s that let you see the input and output levels of what you have going through it. The quality of the Duet 2 is great, and it is small. If you can overlook the price you will be 100 percent happy with this purchase.