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User Review

Love it - Reviews Apogee Duet 2

Apogee Duet 2 is an amazing usb audio interface, very portable i travel with it all the time, its also very sturdy, it comes with a breakout cable connects instruments, cables, microphones and speakers, has 2 ins and 4 outs, features XLRs plus original 1/4 inch inputs/outputs, also has a headphone port. Has awesome OLED display screen i think thats the biggest improvement from the last duet interface, its small screen but its easy to read. Also i like how it has a usb 2.0 connection on my old Duet i had to use the firewire, the usb helps bring lower latency . It also come with external power if you needed it to use for phantom power option. It comes with a Maestro 2 software you can also download it on the apogee site lets you manage and control the duet from within, the duet 2 has two small knobs in from and one big wheel, the two small ones can be set to any setting for example you can make it be the mute button, and the the big wheel is your main control of volume for each channel. I use it with my 15 inch macbook pro with 8GB RAM, by the way the apogee Duet 2 runs ONLY ON THE MAC OSX PLATFORM.


I mainly use Logic Pro and Pro Tools with it works out for me, I recently had some poping sounds come out when i was moving the volume knob, but after a quick restart it went away, I also remember one time it shut off randomly on me, just some small glitches that don't occur repeatedly. I use it on the daily basis so it has put it a good amount of hours.


I had no compatibility issues everything connected well, I used the manual to figure out the start up but overall its a simple audio interface compare to other ones. The functions are easily accessible and controlled.


I also have the Apogee Duet which gave me some problems so i had to switch to the Duet 2 and I love it, if it broke down on me i would get it again its so portable and the sound is clear, its the best sounding interface I ever heard for that price, the price is fair . Apogee is know for quality and I approve .