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User Review

Perfect for a mobile studio - Reviews Apogee Duet 2

Value For Money : Excellent
MOTU Ultralite with a number of years, I was looking for a card with perhaps less I / O converters, but very good quality.
Having a FW 800 connector on my MacBook Pro, I did not want to put a 800/400 converter end of the chain. So I ruled out the Duet until the arrival of Duet2. I also wanted absolutely balanced outputs for my listening Genelec.

I use the card with a MacBook Pro 2.3 Core i7 GHz/8Go/256 2011 GB SSD in Leo. I mainly use Logic and GarageBand sometimes. It is connected directly to my Genelec 8040 and to listen to my headphones Beyer DT-880 Pro.


The drivers, as well as Beta Lion are very stable. I had some trouble when sleep with the first pilots but no longer the case.

The updates are quite frequent and there is no particular problem on this point.

I use Logic and GarageBand, and I've never had stability problems, latent or otherwise.


The installation are very simple. The Maestro software is very well done and there is no real need to understand manual.

Integration with the OS and Apple software is just perfect!


I use the card for 3 months without any problems. I had a MOTU, RME's ... This card is very good job.

The converters are really great! The momentum and heat are awesome! I must say that I did not too much difference between RME and Apogee but it means. RME is good too but Apogee's just warmer and it is better suited to my work on the blues / rock blues.

The overall build quality is excellent.

What I like most: ease of use and SOUND ...
What I like least: The size of the XLR! I do not think having seen bigger!

In conclusion, the value for money is excellent. I would do without hesitation that choice and I would advise anyone not needing more than 2 / O