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User Review

Brand New!! - Reviews Apogee Quartet

The Apogee Quartet is a Mac based USB interface that offers 24 bit resolution and four mic pre amps. It has 4 inputs and 8 outputs. The pre amps are extremely good and they should be for this unit costing over 1200.00 dollars! Installing his interface was pretty simple, it only took us about 20 minutes to install it in the personal studio on campus. We have used this interface to record some acoustic and electric guitars with it and the quality is amazing. This is the best interface that you can have right now for a personal set up running a Mac system. We have used this interface to record into Pro Tools and even Logic on multiple occasions. It will work great with either set up that you might have.


The Apogee Quartet just sits on your desktop, it can not be racked and you plug it in through USB. Being that the Quartet is fairly new it will be interesting to see if any bugs or driver issues come up in the next year. We just got this interface on campus last week, I am privileged to be the one who go to use it first and go through the installation process. I am not getting any latency, which really isn’t possible but the latency is very minimal.


To this point, we have not had any driver or compatibility issues. As I stated this just came out so its kind of new and only time will tell how it will play out. I don’t see any issues popping up in the future because of how simple it was to install. The manual is easy to read through, I didn’t take a glance at it out of curiosity on some of the features that the Quartet has to offer.


The Quartet is a great interface so far, I can not wait to record with it some more. All of the functions are right on the main panel of the interface and so are the LED’s showing your levels and activity. I have used a lot of Apogee interfaces and this one is better than a lot of them. It is also pretty expensive. The sound quality is crystal clear. Start saving up to get the Quartet!