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User Review

Leulapin's review - Audient iD22

I took it for a CS with usb connection with good preamps and volume controls easily accessible.

This is the home studio on windows out in focal CMS65 jack. I go in for shure sm58 and mainly with a guitar simulator line6.


I use windows drivers, they are stable and under windows and asio under win7
The team that develops is very responsive if requested.

Latency is low, the level of good sound cards. Potentiometers are accurate and with a nice race.


The installation is connected card, there is very few parameters (frequencies wholesale).

The manual is for Macs but we found it.

The interface drivers automatically hides certain parameters, it is not bad on small screens.
Overall level display is real and very good in the mixer window time.

One small change I want, they make assignable user buttons to control any system, not just controls monitoring their card.


I use it for about a month, it has never crashed or crachottée.

Before I had the maudio firewire.

Of course it sounds better. It may be just a little gain in the preamps lack but it may be psychological because in fact it does not have the gene gain still 8/10, I just say that with a smaller source one day I might need ...

What I like best is the sound, the preamps are great, it even got me to saturate just to have the grain saturation pleasant and melodic (yes it's stupid) while on my old c 'was just horrible and make it digital. This is really the strong point of the card to me.

The only minor fault is the whole connection to the rear. Headphone and microphone jacks on the front is much better anyway. It takes fingerprints also at the black surface. Meter level view is a short hair with five diodes, I would have liked the same thing as the motu or something more detailed.
Overall the design is very apple photo but in real it is less well finished. It's still a nice card.