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User Review

Perfect! - Reviews Audient iD22

Build quality, preamps and convertos.
For more information, look on the section of the forums dedicated to this card.


Driver ultra stable mac, not tested on PC.
A latency of 64 samples (3.4 ms) with lots of native plugs (like Monark, Razor, etc ... no plugs deemed efficient CPU) ... It's simple: she has never won - but I also have the computer that goes with it.


Installation 1 minute (time to download the latest version of the app.)


I use it since it came out (I had to be one of the first buyers in France.)

I could compare with a lot of things: it is above all I was able to use less than 2000 euros and very close to what I could use beyond 2000 (Prismsound, Antelope. ..)

Frankly at this price, it is given and I would sign it again tomorrow if I had to do.

NB - perfection is not of this world, I am not 10 but it deserves a 9.5 carefree;)