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User Review

Very nice product. - Reviews Behringer Xenyx Control1USB

"What characteristics have motivated your choice?"
I was tired of having to reach out and turn up the volume (see me up when the rack containing the sound card gave way to midi keyboard). I also need a talkback for comfort during recordings.

"For what purpose?"
To manage the volume with more comfort and a little easier to manage sources plays.

"What is your config", "With which instruments or systems"
I simply installed between a Phonic Firefly 808 and a box Icon Sub8A Sx (which are connected on the M-Audio BX5a).


I find this machine very easy to use. We selected the source to listen, and listen to what sent the signal. Turning the large knob and op, the volume changes. Simply.

"The drivers are stable?"
Yes, I do not use too much audio interface function outside listening from my laptop, but for this use, it's perfect.

"Are they often updated?"
Only the future will tell.


"The installation is done it without problems?"
I preferred to use the instructions to properly calibrate my input levels without making erruer, but it was more for safety than necessity. I have not found that this machine was set in motion complex.

"The general configuration is easy?"
Yes very simple, it is "only" monitoring controller at the same time.

"The manual is clear and sufficient?"
Yes it is.


I am very satisfied with this machine. It does what I bought it, and a little more (More noise from the laptop thanks to the USB input).
Using neither outputs Studio Out or headphone outputs, I am not facing the same problems that Sat
Regarding the sound quality, I am satisfied for the price I can not complain, and it is far better than the barbaric system I had before this machine, ie go through a HA8000 powerplay before returning to the speakers. (No, I'm not ashamed, I did not have much choice).

"How long have you been using?"
Almost 2 months.

"Did you try many other models before buying it?"

"What is so special that you love the most"
- Above all, depending Sun Finally, it is especially appreciate my neighbor. With this feature, no risk of waking at night due to an excess of zeal on the volume knob, or a friend at hand too lamp.
- I also love the USB input, thanks to her over the noise from the analog output of my laptop.
- I also like the Mono function, which allows to control very easily in mono.
- The talkback. It is still more convenient than the control room talkback Cubase.
- The large number of inputs and outputs.

"What is so special that you love the most"
- The buttons are a little hard.
- A few inches shorter I would have arranged the machine is a bit more impressive than it seems.

"How would you rate quality / price ratio?"
Really good, hoping that the reliability or the appointment. But never had problems with this brand (Are you surprised?), I do not do a lot of concerns.

"With experience, you do again this choice?"
Yes, unless I win the lottery, or I end up with a gold record (which would end up gathering dust in the garage).