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User Review

good sound card - Reviews Focusrite Forte

the sound is crisp, clear, accurate, fits my expectations

I use it with "true keys" of vilabs (strong I was advised by vilabs)

+ Korg pax1 pro (sound sleeps strong or not so I use "true keys")

+ Normal use (ie a sound card for PC)


I use it for a few days, no crashes, light drivers, correct interface, RAS


Easy and quick to install,

For use without power, the sound is not loud enough (or I'm a little deaf ..)


value for money, very good .. I hesitated with ur22, ur44, Safire PRO24 DSP

only drawback for me is that there is no hold twelve o'clock .. I was afraid to have lag, I do not

have not (well, not perceptible to the ear)

I do not regret my purchase!