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User Review

Decent preamp for a 150 interface - Reviews Focusrite iTrack Solo

The Focusrite iTrack Solo is a standard 2 in and 2 out audio interface that has 1 microphone input. It can be used on your Mac or PC , it only cost around 150 dollars. The iTrack Solo is very portable, that is what Focusrite was going for when they made this interface, they wanted to create something solid but still portable enough to take with the mobile musician.


It is a 2 channel audio interface, with a solid preamp that has phantom power to give you some solid and clean direct recordings. The iTrack Solo is built well and will last you a long time if you take care of it. You can get up to 24 bit/96kHz resolution using it with your home set up which is not bad for an interface that is this inexpensive. It has a direct input for your guitar as well to make it very easy to record directly into your computer or DAW hassle free. No matter where I have used this interface, on a PC, Macbook and even my iPad, I am always able to knock out some really clean recordings that will sound like they came from a more expensive interface when in fact they come from this iTrack Solo.


The drivers are very stable on the iTrack Solo and I mostly used it with GarageBand on my Macbook or iPad. I have only recorded one track at a time with this interface, and I have not received any driver updates yet. Maybe they have released some on a Windows computer though.


Overall this is a great and compact interface that is good for your budget because it is cheap and works well. The only reason you would need to upgrade from this is if you want to record more tracks simultaneously or want to add more to your set up. Otherwise this interface could last you a long time.