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User Review

Perfect for an early - Reviews Focusrite Scarlett 18i6

Value For Money : Excellent
Characteristics that motivated me is the compact (being mobile at the moment), the ADAT, MIDI.
I use it with several apps (cubase, ableton, guitar rig and many standalone) have not yet had any worries stall, despite the USB connection.
I use it to make music, facilitated by the catch combos, allowing me to plug a guitar directly.


The drivers are very stable so far I have not had a single worry.
My latency is set to 7 ms in recordings without any cracks.
on the other hand, for mixes, I back down to 20ms (which is the max).

At the maximum number of tracks read, I could not be precise, not often large projects. A priori one 15aine track, no worries.
As for the record, I have not had a chance yet to register groups.


No worries at the installation, no compatibility issues (Windows 7 64-bit).
Configuration extremely easy thereafter.
As for the manual, I did not need to consult it for now, the machine is easy at first.


I have since the month of June 2011, I had the opportunity to work with a Presonus Firepod time of 10, which are also nice for beginners.

I chose this interface, it is primarily for its portability, the presence of an ADAT input that will allow me to upgrade as needed later.

What I regret, it would be the absence of an ADAT output, for some reason it is not present (perhaps to avoid being too competitive vis-a-vis Saphire Firewire interface), the knobs of preamp, then you have to climb to 3 / 4 before a gain (even with a static).
Last, the power is not USB, so a requirement for power source available in case of exit.

Quality / price ratio great for a good start. It does not take it for a portable studio. Ideal if you're a musician led to many moving to the sound with friends or be able to work virtually anywhere.

I think I would do this choice. This is an interface that suits me fine, with no Firewire available on my laptop, it was the vehicle that best fits what I wanted (I hesitated with an Apogee Duet, but the question was quickly resolved by learning that they were more Windows drivers).
So to summarize, it is an ideal interface to start. Good preamps, transport easy, plug-ins available from hell (continued Scarlett) and nice color, for those who are susceptible.