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User Review

Exceptional value for money - Reviews Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

I was persuaded by the seriousness of the brand
Sturdy and appealing looks
I needed 8 analog inputs
The outputs were not that important

I have been into computer music for a long time, I7 2.9 GHz 4GB Ram, HDD 7200rpm, Cubase 7 64 under w7 pro 64


Everything seems to work just fine. I downloaded the most recent drivers. I bought it yesterday to replace a layla 24/96, whose driver don't quite follow the evolution of the system.
4 to 5 ms of latency.
I have already done a couple of recordings and haven't had a single problem yet during recording or playback.
Aside from that, I had an issue with cubase and the "monitoring direct" option, which remained grayed out while an echo disrupted the recording, so I had to deactivate the tracks' bus. Nothing unsurmountable, but I contacted support about it.


No issues during installation, you only need to follow the instructions.
Pretty easy


I bought it yesterday
I found no review
Different discussions led me to choose this soundcard
It's pretty solid, it doesn't give any problems
The preamps don't have too much gain, but it's enough
A nice idea: Instead of a VUmeter, it's the LEDs around the controls that illuminate (green-orange-red)
The mixing console is quite comprehensive, but I haven't really dived into it.

Its value for money seems unbeatable:
However, I would've loved an ambiance simulation for the mix, like on most other soundcards (the saphirre pro 24 DSP's VRM)

A drawback for mobility fans (which isn't my case): It can't be USB powered, only via an external PSU.
I will update my review once I have more experience with it.