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Do I need a special type of speakers for the Scarlett 2i4? - forum Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

What kind of speakers do I need to plug into the Scarlett 2i4? I have a set of mini Goodman speakers, both of which only have what looks like a single 3.5mm mono jack plug between the two of them rather than two jack plugs as shown in the attached picture.

How would I plug this into either the balanced or unbalanced sockets on the back of the Scarlett since that seems to be designed for two leads?

Is this not the correct type of speaker? Do I need a different type of speaker instead in order to hear out of it? If so, what kind of speakers?

Can I just use headphones if I don't have a speaker that is compatible with the Focusrite?
every speaker / amp can be connected with the right type of cables.
And offcourse you are able to use headphones only

I tried using speakers with the Scarlett 2i4, but am not hearing anything out of my DAW after I've recorded some guitar. I also can't hear when I use just headphones. Is there some setting it needs to be on either in my DAW (I'm using Reaper) or on the Scarlett?

I ought to at least hear with headphones, but there's nothing at the moment.

Stuppid question...

Are you sure your daw is routed correctly to your interface outputs?

There are daws that have a record / harddrive ( disk) switch... Harddrive ( disk ) is used for playback. If the daw track is set to record you will hear nothing during playback.

- Angelie

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