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User Review

Good impression - Reviews Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Value For Money : Excellent
Purchase this occasion card, allowing for 4 analog inputs at low prices. Rennomée good brand, so I chose this model.

I Branche this card on a laptop with 8 64-bit win, no problem to install, everything is available online (I did not have the original CD), download quickly and easily.

I connect over my RC-50 looper guitar to save voice mixed. If I want more hand, I plug directly sm58 and guitar, if I want more quality, I plug the static and guitar and I each one to acquisitions.

I intend to use assi for recording a choir:

Couple cigars ORTF microphone preamps on the card, voice 3: a threeQ with a condenser microphone for soloists, voice 4: guitar accompanying.


At the moment, the drivers are very stable, I plug, remove the card without turning off the pc, it was without flinching.

The latency seems low, but I do not have enough perspective to judge in detail the quality of the beast on his and latency.


No setup or compatibility with 8 64-bit win problem.

The manual is clear and simple, no big keypad.

The interface for routing inputs and outputs is very complete.
You can not separate the outputs 3 and 4 of the headphone output, it's a shame, we need to know, but it is not necessarily serious.


few days of use, it is efficient, stable. I have no point of comparison to support a more detailed description.

I find the level headphone sometimes a little light, I have not much underfoot live monitoring during my recordings. To play a soundtrack, no worries, but listening to a power input signal, I find it light, and if you push too much input level, that clip. Perhaps a good compressor head could arrange something to follow.

I think used, it makes very good service, half the price of a new card.
I remake that choice.