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User Review

Great value for the money! - Reviews Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

I bought it after reading many reviews and talking to some friends, had really good recomendations. I use it for 2 channel recordings in my home studio while making sound effects for videogames, voice over or a couple real instruments to put with the virtual ones in a soundtrack.

Setup is simple, I pretty much just plug any electric instrument straight into the Hi-Z input, or my rode mic in the front pre-amp. I'm using it on a 2014 mac book air i5 1.4GHz, 4GB ram, osx mavericks. Also used it in a mac mini mid 2011 model with 8gb ram, and it works fine on both.


Since it works fine with my setup I've never really bothered looking for updates, I like their software for monitoring, latency is low and quite acceptable. I've used it with Reaper 4, Logic 9 and now Logic X, runs smoothly on all of them.

I've never really used all of its inputs at once, though, but with 2 channel recordings I can easily use Logic guitar amp/pedal simulators as well as have a nice vocal chain with EQ, compression and reverb, all in real time while recording, all tweakable later on the mix. :)


It was pretty much plug and play... well, after installing the monitoring software. Since the basic functions are easy to get working I didn't bother going into the advanced stuff, I just rather do all the monitoring and processing in the DAW, its simpler and fits well my workflow.


I really like the preamps, they were the main reason why I've bought the interface. They are clean and sound good even if you leave a lot of headroom (peaks of -18dB are totally fine), which is good if you're the type of person that likes to get the signal into your software and then forget that everything in between is even there. :)

Before this one I had a cheap m-audio interface and with the focusrite it was the first time that I really could tell a BIG difference in sound quality from what I was doing before. At some point, if you keep working a lot and start listening to other more expensive interfaces, you'll probably want to move on, either for a specific set of features, more channels, or (even) better pre-amps. But for sure, if you're coming from a cheaper interface (or even if you're looking for your first one) this little focusrite will definitely help you get really good recordings for not much money. Absolutely recommended.